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Wild Flying Lemur 2

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Interesting Facts: Colugos are also called flying lemur. However, there are not closely related to the true lemur, which are found in Madagascar. Flying lemurs are classified in the order Dermoptera, from the Greek words derma, meaning "skin", and the ptera, meaning "wing", thus "skin-wing". These creatures have membranes that connect their legs and tail, enable them to glide from one tree to the other. There are 2 species of colugo in the world; the Malayan Flying Lemur and the Philippine Flying Lemur. It is reported that there are approximately 1500 Malayan Flying Lemurs in Singapore.

Size: About 70cm

Diet: Mainly leaves, young shoots, flower buds and sap.

Activity: Arboreal, largely nocturnal. It is usually seen perching against a tree trunk with its head pointing upwards. When disturbed, the Colugo has two defensive reactions: It wil either freeze and hope not to get noticed or scramble up the trunk higher into the tree.

It can glide from tree to tree in a steady controlled manner, landing with the head up neatly and precisely.

Habitat: Forests. Adapts quite well to disturbed forset edges and coastal plantations. . This species has a wide distribution in Southeast Asia.
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Wow, it has beautiful markings :) Nice shot
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I just can't find his back pair of legs))
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Haha... the body structure look weird indeed. Maybe it's because the back legs are fused together with the wings shown here
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oh gosh, it's really, really weird creature!!
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Lemur: "Don't move and they can't see you!"
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what an odd animal.. lovely shot
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