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Strigoplus (Simon, 1885) Crab Spider

By melvynyeo
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Check out its face! What a cool looking spider :) Taken at night in Singapore forest.

Quote from…
Thomisidae do not build webs to trap prey, though all of them produce silk for drop lines and sundry reproductive purposes; some are wandering hunters and the most widely known are ambush predators. Some species sit on or beside flowers or fruit, where they grab visiting insects. Individuals of some species, such as Misumena vatia, are able to change color over a period of some days, to match the flower on which they are sitting. Some species frequent promising positions among leaves or bark, where they await prey, and some of them will sit in the open, where they are startlingly good mimics of bird droppings. However, note that these members of the family Thomisidae are not to be confused with the spiders that generally are called bird dropping spiders, not all of which are close relatives of crab spiders.

Other species of crab spiders with flattened bodies, either hunt in the crevices of tree trunks or under loose bark, or shelter under such crevices by day, and come out at night to hunt. Members of the genus Xysticus hunt in the leaf litter on the ground. In each case, crab spiders use their powerful front legs to grab and hold onto prey while paralyzing it with a venomous bite.

The spider family Aphantochilidae was incorporated into the Thomisidae in the late 1980s. Aphantochilus species mimic Cephalotes ants, on which they prey.

The spiders of Thomisidae are not known to be harmful to humans. However, spiders of an unrelated genus, Sicarius, which are sometimes referred to as "crab spiders", or "six-eyed crab spiders", are close cousins to the recluse spiders, and are highly venomous, though human bites are rare.
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Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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1/160 second
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100 mm
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May 3, 2014, 11:49:57 PM
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TheHollsterStudent General Artist
It looks very wise.
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pavel-bulgakovStudent Traditional Artist
What an interesting structure of the muzzle!:o (Eek) 
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Reminds me of Jeff the Spider from American Dad :D
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Oops I meant Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy....he just has a head shape like Stan from American Dad
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tobystar101Student General Artist
who couldn't love that face?! *hugs it* CMERE MY WITTLE MUMPKIN!
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Creepiest eyes I've ever seen on an arachnid.  Gah!
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igarciaHobbyist Photographer
I am a big fan of spiders.  Great shot.
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herofan135Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really cool spider, it looks primeval. :wow:
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Arrowman64Hobbyist Digital Artist
That face is the stuff of NIGHTMARES!!!
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that face do
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feels like im watching bugs life 
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:nod: yeap, that face is absolute freaky cool :D

really great shot :clap:
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fifi-kawaiiHobbyist Traditional Artist
subhan Allah 
this is so great 
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dem0n-beProfessional Digital Artist
Wow that's an awesome shot! That's going onto my pinterest.
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perverstlitedyrStudent Digital Artist
holy shiit O.o
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beautiful eyes! wow
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Wilson-PalacioProfessional Digital Artist
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SnowInHadesHobbyist General Artist
Such amazing detail. Fascinating.
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rozan24Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah is good image
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CopnosProfessional General Artist
Those eyes are incredible, and I'm really digging that uni-brow-mustache combo!
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Oh cool! I've never seen the face on a crab spider before. Oops! 
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gokuyertProfessional Photographer
Whoa, that face is super handsome!
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