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Nasutitermitinae Termite Soldier

By melvynyeo
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Taken at night in Singapore. Another shot…

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The Nasutitermitinae subfamily from the Termitidae family of termites is a very large category comprising many species spread throughout the Old and New World, of which there remains some species yet to be identified properly. However, all the Nasutitermitinae species can be recognized by their soldiers having a pointed snout at the front of their heads, called a nasus, and in virtually all species, the soldiers are smaller than the workers in terms of size. As a whole, they are mostly small termites.

The soldiers of all Nasutitermitinae species spray a kind of aerosol chemical (either glue or ant repellent) which enables them to effectively repel ants from a distance. Such chemical warfare is a great asset in the wild, lessening the chances of injury which would normally occur with physical contact.

Among the numerous genera in the Nasutitermitinae are Hospitalitermes, Lacessititermes, Trinervitermes, Hirtitermes, Bulbitermes, Nasutitermes, Havilanditermes, Labiotermes, Longipeditermes, Amitermes, Velocitermes, Curvitermes, Subilitermes, and many, many more. Nasutitermitinae species construct all kinds of nests, ranging from subterranean nests, to arboreal nests, to huge mounds (in Australia).

Most Nasutitermitinae species are not pests' they do not bother with man made structures, and are found in jungles and forests, feeding mainly on lichen, lichen-bark, dead leaves, branches, twigs, and other plant matter.

A conspicious and fairly common nasute species in Malaysia is Longipeditermes longipes (Haviland). Longipeditermes is a singular species genus, meaning L.longipes is the only Longipeditermes species in existence. These termites are dark in color and openly forage during the morning and night, their long columns snaking across forest trails, and very often being mistaken for ants.

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Apr 10, 2015, 11:10:07 PM
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I never liked termites, but this... This is beautiful!
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Great angle, nice light!
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Your amazing work has been featured here: Majestic Macro Photographs :heart:
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Looks really amazing, their ability to shoot chemicals must be really beneficial in the wild.
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Awesome photo!!
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brilliant picture!
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Thanks for the picture and the info ^u^
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wow that looks amazing!
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Amazing photo!
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Reminds me of the movie, ANTS, for some reason...

Great shot, dude!
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Great photo! One of the weirdest of all the weird insects. The hard, dark exoskeletons make this species particularly unusual.
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Beautiful photo of beautiful insects. :)
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Ants are fascinating creatures, nicely done :)
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