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Flying Stalk-eyed Fly

Stalk-eyed flies are insects of the fly family Diopsidae (sometimes called Centrioncidae). The family is distinguished by the possession of eyestalks: projections from the sides of the head with the eyes at the end. A rather remarkable feature of stalk-eyed flies is the ability of the males to ingest air through their oral cavity, and pump it through ducts in the head and through to the tips of the stalks, thereby elongating them. This is prevalent especially in mating season.
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Aren't these sorts of flies very very small? This must have been a very difficult shot to capture. =)
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Yes they are small, about 5mm long.
Thanks! :)
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Incredible feat!
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:wow: that must've been such a hard shot to get!
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Yes,Luck plays an important role on getting this shot :)
Thanks! :)
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That certainly is an interesting trait!
How does it work? Does the air get pushed towards their head, pushing the stalk away by propulsion?
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Not too sure in detail but i seen it in BBC Life series ep 01 "Challenges of Life". :)
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