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Ariamnes colubrinus (Whip Spider)

Found one whip spider with her egg sag :)

Argyrodes colubrinus, known as the whip spider belonging to the family Theridiidae.

A small thin spider resembling a twig. Often found resting on one or two threads of silk. It eats wandering spiders, mostly juveniles (and some insects). The whip spider waits above the few strands of silk of its snare. When a small wandering spider hits the silk, this causes the whip spider to descend. The whip spider uses the "comb foot" of its end segment of the last pair of legs to wrap the meal in silk.

Long and thin, the body length of males is 13 millimetres (0.51 in) and females is 22 mm (0.87 in). Body colour varies from cream, brown or greenish. Often found around a metre above the ground.

Egg sacs are 4 by 3 mm (0.16 by 0.12 in) in size, with a small lip on the base. The egg sac is suspended from a single strong thread. 40 to 50 yellow green eggs per sac, eggs 0.7 mm in diameter.

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daaaaamn i want to touch it XD!
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Wow! I've never seen anything like this!
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Lol This looks cool. ....But... very very creepy. :I
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Awesome! I never knew such a spider existed. Thanks for posting this :)
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Glad you like it :)
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