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same as the previous message. kind of got sidetracked from updating my portfolio, let alone my deviantart page.
as its a bit more decision making work Im probably gonna upload and organise stuff on deviantart first.
but with me you never know it might be next month or february the 15th of 2012 >_<
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still in the uploading progress,
so my apologies as Im not responding to messages, I do read them quickly tough :) thanks !
will do commenting and adding etc. at the end of this week.
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Just making a note here.
in case people are confused by the intermixed styles and the large amount of updates.
Im currently uploading alot of my older art, as the whole purpose of opening a deviantart page was for me to have all my art online to show specific elements to potential commissioners and fans (I want to have fans ! .. :p) after wich I will regularily update with new stuff. (wich will largely focus on digital painting on one side and sequential comics and cartoons on the other, tough I still am working on getting my own style into both.)
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