What do you think of this motion book business..?

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It's a great concept. But.

I stay disappointed with the way people approach digital storytelling... It's 2014, and some still view gimmicky power-point-like-transitions as some kind of big deal.

The truth is, they don't aid storytelling. They actually hamper it.

In any kind of storytelling that requires reader input/clicking/reaction, you need to give them all the power to progress the story (book, comic), or take it all away, (film). So with any reading form, transitions need to GO. They mess up the pacing in a silly way.

There's tonnes of ways to use digital medium to tell a story creatively. I invite anyone interested to go take a look at this truly eye-opening 'comic' that explains it all much better than I ever could.


<--- He rocks.

Motion Books please take note.

PS. Totally using this medium myself to make another short like my 'She'. Look here if you haven't seen it!
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I can't speak for any other books/authors but Liam Sharp's Captain Stone motionbooks certainly felt like they took advantage of the medium in a creative way. I suppose it depends on who's making them and how much effort they're willing to put in.
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I haven't seen that one and thanks for mentioning it, I am most definitely on the hunt for good examples of the medium!
The ones I've so far seen on DA have been really bad (I don't wanna pick them out cause it would be rude and mean towards the particular artists) so looking forward to finding a good one :)