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Xi Mkien Iehor: L-Irdum

The first of a series of promotional illustrations I am creating for my book Xi Mkien Ieħor. I will eventally post them all here. At my booklaunch launch (1st November 2008) I plan to have a display of a single-edition these illustrations.

The book itself does not have illustrations, rather some very interesting design. I created these colour-illos just for fun and the book launch.

I will post the cover art very last ;)

The title of the book 'Xi Mkien Ieħor' means 'Some other place' in Maltese.
l-Irdum means 'The cliff'.

:butterfly: Technique :butterfly:
straightforward airbrushing, with textured overlayed into it in matte-painting-ey style.
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Is-Sinjura and Denbu!!
FrancesHIMfected's avatar
WOW! Loved the landscape!
mreid973's avatar
It's as if you merged with Monet. I love the life you bring to your work.
Achen089's avatar
Stunning colours,majestic view and landscape,the whole picture feels just so powerful,so beautiful..!
Amazing work.
sue119's avatar
Impressive grass and perspective you have there.It brings a peaceful,warm feel.Shall be adding it to my favorites now :heart:
Aqua-Lily's avatar
Good lord this picture is absolutely gorgeous. Excellent lighting and composition. I adore to flowers.
hoppipoppi's avatar
i love the flowers and the colours in this :o :aww:
51stnereid's avatar
I wanna zoom zoom zoom...(no I'm not drunk, ok, I don't take beer that often)

and I'm really really really curious about the book. Even more. How excrutiating.
meluseena's avatar
They don't usually have beer at book launches and exhibs, only wine :)
51stnereid's avatar
That's lame. Beer should be everywhere. You have to drink at least two bottles to get tipsy.
meluseena's avatar
You haven't been to too many launches and openings have you? hehe.
51stnereid's avatar
Not one :D
Tell me. Dress code.

No, Lisa, I'm serious. Tell me. I was the kind of person that stayed at home at the time until a couple of years ago.
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The colors on this are just exquisite. Fantastic work...
UrsulaDecay's avatar
wow i love this is, its so dream like :D
phoenixpatronus's avatar
Wow!:jawdrop: Looks so...real!
barbarasobczynska's avatar
this is so scary:fear: like they're just about to fall and the blue abyss is opening right in front of their eyes, and they cannot turn back anymore, like in some nightmare when you know you'll make a next step whether you want it or not
meluseena's avatar
Hehe.. in the story, the Lady is showing the boy something a the bottom of the cliff. She is a very powerful sorceress - no one will fall in this case ;)
barbarasobczynska's avatar
btw - very beautifully (and even scaringly convincingly) executed sense of depth:clap::fear:
barbarasobczynska's avatar
oh :phew: that's comforting, thank you:hug:
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Very beautiful!:heart:
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The Cliffs of Moher in the background? :D
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