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Wrapped around her finger

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One of histories great love affairs, that of extravagant Josephine and Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon wrote Josephine passionate, full love letters and she wrote little in return, driving him mad with jealousy and anger. Here is one such letter for you to read through, it is charming and poignant too.


It makes me wonder about this Josephine - was she as cold as Napoleon suggests, or was he simply histrionic? How did she receieve his mad devotion, really? History is a mystery and we will never know.

Though a tumultuous marriage that ended in a divorce, Napoleon is said to have stayed ceaselessly in love with Josephine and his dying words were "France, the Army, the Head of the Army, Josephine"

technique: Digital collage. Used many different photo elements, and copious airbrushing, and some old paintings of Napoleon.
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Yeah, girl power!

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Beautiful...didn't Josephine eventually come to love him though?
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Well, I think they had a funny relationship all the way but she must've always been at least fond of him.
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They did have a very codependent emotionally abusive relationship by modern standards, but I do think that even if she didn't love him, she did bear great affection for him.
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:) Like you might love a poodle! I think that was the kind of relationship, but who knows right?!
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Only Napoleon and Josephine know the truth. By the way, have you read the Josephine B. Trilogy by Sandra Gulland? It puts an interesting and tender take on their marriage. It suggest that maybe she wasn't cheating on him, that her in-laws sabotaged her.
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~ love it! Wish I had seen this sooner! :D
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I can't confirm this, but I remember learning way back in my AP Euro class that Josephine would sometimes actually read Napoleon's letters mockingly out loud at parties. Pretty sad :\ Seems like perhaps they had a complex relationship though and it's always intrigued me. Napoleon intrigues me so damn much. You did a wonderful job with this piece :]
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Woah, i hate she soo much >--<
Kill Josephine!! :fork:
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that letter trully proves that chivalry is dead, poor Napoleon :'( bless his broken, miserable heart
Josephine can kiss my ass on Sunday and high tail hers to another man, she doesnt deserve a true man like that!
hahah what am I talking about?! this was like 500 years ago... still it sickens me lol
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Awesome picture, I love Josephine's look :)
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i love Josephine's expression while Napoleon desperately hangs onto her finger.
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Beautiful picture. The letter was so sad!
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hello dear :) i featured your beautiful art in my journal [link]
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This sums up their relationship perfectly!:rofl:
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I really like this one a lot.
Beautiful and clever.
Beautiful art.
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So awesome!!
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This picture is amazing. You can't imagine how much I'm amazed by your art. Thank you for sharing this picture.
And I really love Napoleon, to me he's one of te most interesting historic characters. : )
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:hug: Thanks so much I'm glad it pleases you! :) I also love Napoleon. I always wonder what he was really like!
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I love the mini Napoleon!
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I just laughed so hard.
Nice piece. Captures the whole idea of Josephinian-Napoleonic Relations perfectly.
I love your sense of humor.

And I also loved the way Josephine managed to get herself back into Nappie-s arms , even after he actually found out ( saw with his own eyes), the name of her lover
(one of many), Hypolitte Charles.
Which by the way, Nappie did send to war as soon as possible.
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You have captured a most amazing expression here, it is captivating!!
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