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The Unwilling Consort

By meluseena
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Here's a WIP!

I have always been fascinated by monsters and large ghoulish beings stealing away petite little princesses.. I suppose it comes from the influence of Jon Bauer who's art struck me so much in my childhood... he often drew little white princesses aside huge mountain trolls.

I wanted to draw something in that vein, with a modern twist. I also wanted to challenge myself into painting something with scales as I so rarely paint reptiles. I referred to photos of iguanas for his head and sort of made it up as I went as I moved downards to his arms. I got the idea for the detailing on the girl's dress sleeves from a painting of a lady I saw at a museum.

This was done in photoshop, no textures, all airbrushed.
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What the hell is that thing doing to her? Ripping her heart out, or just absorbing her life force?
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Absorbing her life force is my own take on it :)
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i really love the xpression of the face of this one, one of my favs =)
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...her expression is wonderful...poor girl?:O
The scales look great,and I love the glowiness of the blood?:P
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It's so cool! I love John Bauer. I like how this is inspired by him, but not exactly the same.
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I love those glowing white princesses and the towering dark trolls... it was the spirit of the contrast that attracted me, how the trolls made the princesses seem even more delicate, and vice versa :)
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Very nice work.
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Im loving this piece
cant wait to see the final result
your style looks softer nowadays :nod:

beautiful :heart:
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it's not a sketch, its a finished piece - I wanted it to look sketchy round the edges, like old school fantasy book covers.

My style is nuts these days! All over the place hehe :)
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Love her fearful, uncertain facial expression and the diversity between the duo here--the stark ugliness of the lizard-man is wonderful in contrast to her fair skin and halo of light blonde hair. :heart:

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That's wonderful, a great image,very nicely done.
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brilliant...i love it
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wow you're a genius
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Beautiful! John Bauer is also one of my favourite artists and he has influenced me very much!
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the lizard is very realistic =)
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Nice job on that lizard! :o
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That is beyond amazing.
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Yeah, this is gorgeous. Magnificent use of color and the brush strokes are great. I also love her expression and the smug beast clutching her heart...
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