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The Settlement

By meluseena
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Sep 8, 2006, 4:42:30 AM
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beautiful, I love the composition..........the mood in it, the colours, everything about it, bravo!!!!!!!!!!!
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lovely - she looks quietly sad :nod:
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very beautiful work! ;)
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I have to say, I have been bouncing all around your gallery today, and I have favourited both this painting and another (Sqaq L-Infern: Anita+Jeanelle). I wish to finally comment, because I'm terrible at leaving my remarks on pieces, and really need to fix that.

So, what I wanted to say was, I love the interaction your subjects have - either between several people, objects, creatures, et cetera, or between the subject and the viewer. There is a definite spark in this interaction, and it's captivating. There are similarities between this particular piece and My Sweet Metropolitan Daphne (what with the woman and the bird), but I do like this one better because of the mystery surrounding the settlement.

All in all, I must say, you are amazingly talented, and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your works.
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I really like this painting it is amazing. i really like the bird with the message but everything is great.
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I barely even have words for this =) Apart from your amazing style, its the small details about this that I love. The eggs on the table, the way you captured the woman's skin, her tightly pursed almost-smirk... it really engages the viewer to wonder what this settlement is about! I love this to death :heart:
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Thanks! It had little symbolic meanings in it, because this was inspired by a life event.
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Could you tell us about it? If you dont want to that's okay, but please note me or just reply if you do =) cuz I think it would be awesome to share in the artist's actual insights...
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It was a friend's experience regarding her separation settlement and she has three kids. But not much more info I am afraid, as it is a delicate matter!
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Beautiful. I love your colors.
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The colors are beautifully saturated and I love the character design. Elegant form and superb balance. It's subtle and fascinating. Solid composition.
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Rather interesting photo. The subject is fluid and the background establishes a nice level of contrast against the foreground.
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lovely, this is truly a beautiful painting. The colors are calming, the subjects magical in a way.
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Marvellous... all the strange little things that are really quite normal... like the apple and the eggs and the bird with the message... they all make sense, but only in the context of the painting itself.
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its actually a painting about a friend's separation and the fight that ensued over the settlement money :)
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Ah, I see. It's an interesting representation of the emotions in such a settlement, I can imagine.
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