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The Engagement

By meluseena
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When they announced their engagement, oh how the village tongues wagged! They'd been seen together for months and it shouldn't have surprised anyone.. but somehow idle minds love to revel in gossip.

The engagement of Mr. Down and Ms. Merryweather was an intimate affair in Mr. Down's beautiful garden, with a couple of bewildered, striving-hard-to-be-polite Merrywathers and a number of well-to-do, Jolly Downs from warrens beyond local hills as guests.

And the malicious naysaying villagers, decidedly -not- invited, spent that evening in the pub gossipping about the couple.
'But he's so -old- for her!' they lamented.


Since so many have expressed a curiosity regarding my digital collages, I posted a step-by-step WIP of one in my old blog. Please have a look dears. :)

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having a pet bunny I can only imagine what the hilarity of being married to one.
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That is so simply beautiful
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Hello - featured here [link] :)
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hahaha, this is great
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I wish them the best!
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hoe beautiful, and i love what you wrote about it. "tongues wagging" is such a funny expression. sometimes i wish people still spoke like that:)
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some do! :)

Thanks xxxx
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hah yes. my brother does at times..:)
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Now;where is the daily deviation this picture deserves?
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As I believe several others before me have said, I thought it was Alice and the rabbit at first glance as well...
Anyway, you did a lovely job on it!
Patched-Hearts-96-me's avatar
This makes me smile. It's so funny yet simply lovely :)
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I adore how photorealistic the rabbit is, and how his ear gets fuzzy there at the edge... and the fuzziness around her, as well, come to think of it. Nice technique.
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You observe so carefully, I appreciate your feedback very much :) Yes I use that 'trick' a lot because it blends real with unreal. The knack is to not overdo it or underdo it to keep it dreamy and not look TERRIBLY like the eraser tool has been used, nor do it so little that you still get a sharp edge!

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your works are really great!
they remind me pictures of mark ryden =)
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Wow, I love your whole gallery!
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Omg. What a lovely story!
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aw, they make such an adorable couple. You are amazing, the rabbit looks so cuddle, and the little girl like a china doll.
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Wow! this is so good! the bunny looks as if he was meant to wear a tie.
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That's simply pretty. Just worth looking at it.
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