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January 9, 2010
She by =meluseena presents a very touching story a lot of artists can relate to. Besides the illustrations are gorgeous and the interactive panels make it a delight to the reader.
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This is a digital comic, that fully 'explains' the meaning behind my painting 'Anemone on the Shore'.

I'd long been wanting to explore this medium of expression ever since I read about digital comics from this awesome deviant [link] and realised what a potential they had for expression, that I had yet untapped when thinking of the comic presented online in normal 'book' format.

This is my first experiment. I wanted my first one to be meaningful. It was fun to do, although labour intensive.. (took me around 3 weeks to get it all done!)

I am looking forward to creating more of these.


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How long did this take you to do?
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A couple of days maybe. Three. The pictures are tiny so it's not much more than elaborated thumbnails really.
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Okay that sounds doable - I really liked the format and had a story idea, but I was worried about the time requirements. Thank you!
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Don't let anything stop you from starting . Even if you think you won't finish.

IMO, the trick to this stuff is to just 'think for the web' and work at low res. So they're just essentially slightly larger than thumbnail artworks. I think it's more important to have ideas out in the world than spend ages on perfecting or refining a single thought. So GO FOR IT!! :)
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Thank you! I've already started working on one.
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<3 Show me when it's done :)
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I've been busy with other things lately, so that might be a while! But I'll drop you a link if I'm able to find time for it.
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Awww.. The art is so beautiful!
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Y'know what? I see Inspiration as a "she", too. I thought I was the only one!

This is a lovely comic. The flashes of light and colour (that flower! :D ) against the largely muted colour scheme work so well with the message you're conveying in the story.
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:iconla-plz: This is a wonderful comic. I hope to create something this nice one day.
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Beautiful! I really love the art and the thoughtfulness of the words. Bravo.
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That's awfully sophisticated for a first experiment in the medium. You're a talented creature Lisa Falzon.

"...bones of an idea." Yeah, like ships and cars rather than people and cats the bones come first, and sometimes the skin. And they're definitely a collection of some of the day's flotsam. I often just wait for her too, but I'm beginning to think that is, for me, a bad habit.

I particularly like the contrast between the world owing you a home and a living, and the worthwhileness of being human. Such radically different outlooks in the same person dependent upon expression.

Very cool. (oh, and the color palette and tone are awesome.)
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What a thoughtful comment, thankyou :)
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Wow. Very nice. Not only in artwork but also with the story. Well done.
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Love. Simply love.
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I hope you don't mind, but I featured this poem in one of my journals here: [link]

If that's not okay with you, just let me know and I'll take it down. Thanks! :)
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This is gorgeous, in both meaning and art style.

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This is really beautyful! Great job!
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I found this awhile back, just wanted to say, your art is amazing!
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I've just translated this awasome tale into Spanish for a friend. I think you might like to keep it too, so here I go:

La estoy esperando.

Siempre esperando.

Siempre preparada.

Sé de otros que claman haberla visto
en el alcohol, en las drogas, en viajes hacia lugares lejanos.

Pero ese no es mi estilo…

así no es como ella me gusta más.

Me gusta cuando ella viene a mí por sí misma,
montada en pensamientos que de algún modo se han quedado encallados en los arrecifes de mi imaginación,
juntándose en los restos del día, los huesos de una idea.

Así que descorro mis cortinas y espero,
cuando ella esté preparada me debería enviar una señal.

Y si es el momento correcto, ella podría hacerlo.

Y cuando esa luz golpea contra mi ventana, no importa qué clase de día he tenido, lo enfadada que haya estado, o lo triste.

Porque en la luz que refleja,
las decepciones de el mundo que me debe un hogar, y una vida,
están cambiados.

A través de su luz puedo interpretarlos de nuevo, destilarlos, procesarlos,
hacer arte.

Es ella la que me recuerda que merece la pena ser humana.

…mi inspiración.
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<3 Thank you!!!
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