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Know Your Audience

By meluseena
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Reworking of an old theme of mine. Digital collage, stock own or from or textures from
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hee, love the happy bunnies!
D3N1S3's avatar
aww this is so cute and funny ;)
CindysArt's avatar
Wonderful done!!!! :clap:
ironicyouth's avatar
The art you create is madly beautiful
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His smile is quite unforgettable.
Welliame's avatar
Really beautiful. I very like the concept too..!!
Belokurova's avatar
that's amazing. and insanely real:)
CherylWho's avatar
Way to cool!!!

Me likey.

erundle's avatar
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
Jacketpotater's avatar
I am in love with how you do eyes.
jennymajeske's avatar
funny! love the bunnies smiles
NibbleKat's avatar
I love the idea. He looks a LOT like David Tennant, which is never a drawback.
Hyacinth-Zofia's avatar
Haha. That was what I was going to say.
David Tennant as a young, pretty boy.
NibbleKat's avatar
He's always a young, pretty boy. Even when he's eighty, I bet he'll be.

..can't wait to see him in Fright Night, but that's beside the point! Hee.
Hyacinth-Zofia's avatar
Go see it!
It was a great film and he was really funny in it. Very different role than the Doctor, but he can't be the Doctor in every role, right?
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This is great :D Loving it!
Iga-Shinobi's avatar
hehe, amazing...more dark magic from you, good to see something new as it's been a while, but 'good things come to those who wait' :)
deserted-heart's avatar
lool very true indeed :D awesome
shesprettyodd's avatar
Handsome magician.
Krakenware's avatar
That's so a slightly disturbing way
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