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Goodbye, my space-boy love

By meluseena
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Digital collage
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I love the textures of the piece- the sky, the rocket, the ground... so different but they tie together really well.
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oh....I love´s so sentimental, sad and beautiful at the same time
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I love the boy's expression... the colors, texture, and shapes... Heck, the whole compostition is wonderful!
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mg.. that it's really really beautiful.
it's one of the most beautifull works i've seen here.

out of words.
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<3 thanks.
Many people like it. What do you like about it?
My hunch is people like the effect of the blue and the stars :)
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mmm, i hope you understand spanish :chew:
creo que mas que la utilización de color en una sola área, es la comunicación que logran todos los elementos que escogiste usar, tanto la saturación de color como el estilo o el código, las formas, las texturas, las expresiones de los personajes.
todo en su conjunto logra una emoción potente al espectador (en este caso yo) y una atmósfera muy interesante en la obra.
sorry por lo poco objetiva, pero a mi modo de ver el arte apela a las emociones, y eso es sumamente subjetivo y va mas allá de la técnica o de elementos aislados.

i'll try it in english with a translator on line.

I think more than the use of color in a single area is the communication that achieve all the elements that you choose to use, the saturation of color the style or code, shapes, textures, expressions of the characters.
Everything as a whole achieves a powerful emotion to the viewer (in this case, myself) and a very interesting atmosphere in the work.
Sorry for the little objective, but i think art appeals to the emotions, and this is highly subjective and goes beyond the technical or isolated elements.
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Thanks!! And for the translation, very kind and informative :)
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a beautiful piece.
the poor space boy!
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i'm left speechless..............
i love the colors.
the shapes.
the contrasts.
the everything. :heart:

it's very emotive.
i can feel the emotion from the girl's expression and pose.
and the guy's facial expression! ohmy...
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i'm not sure why, but this reminds me of the book moon girl. :D
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This is fantastic! There is so much emotion... :heart:
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the little girl is great..
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featured this here [link] my dear :)
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very beautiful, very touching :wow:
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I love the 'mixed media look' of this artwork. It looks like it was created with the use of paint, paper and fabric. Wonderful concept and use of colours. Almost like an ilustration from a childerensbook :) Keep up the good work :w00t:
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The textures are all created digitally though, either from patching up photographs or just freehand work :)
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I love your digital collages!
Her face is really quite lovely.
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oh noes why more space boy leave? :sniff: her shoes are darling. this is very lovely :aww:
Viscious-Speed's avatar
Beautifully done! Love it!
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