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By melukilan
I draw for money.  If you're interested, please email me at I usually reply within a day.

Price estimates:
very stupid chibis: $2 per character
art card: $25 (mixed media, no sketch shown, ~3x4")
ink: $80+
computer color: $125+
comic pages: $200
watercolor: $250+
sewing: $200+

+Additional costs: extra characters ($5-20), complicated costumes ($10-30), full backgrounds ($10-50), larger size (normal size is 8.5x11" for pencil, ink, and computer or 9x12" for watercolor), things that make me blush ($10-30)

Good things for a query to include: how many characters, what medium, or your price range.  Please mention a deadline if you need it by a certain date.  Tell me about your character or story!

1: Send query
2: I accept commission and ask for full information (1-2 days)
3: Send information
4: I prepare multiple sketches and send them for approval (~5-7 days)
5: Request changes or redo.  I will resketch once for free.  Further major changes cost $15 per round of sketches.
6: Approve sketch
7: Send payment (I accept Paypal, checks, or money orders.  Please ask before sending anything else.)
8: I complete the piece and mail it to you, along with digital copies of the file.  Chibis and art cards usually take a week.  Ink work usually takes up to two weeks.  Comic pages and computer colored work can take three to four weeks.  Watercolor and sewing commissions will often take several months.

Things I will do: Illustrations for poems, novels, or short stories. Character portraits, realistic or chibi.  Personal portraits, likewise.  Fanart.  Fantasy art.  Comic pages.  Tattoo designs.  Anthros/furries.  Homosexual or heterosexual erotica, including some kink.  Badges, keychain tags.  Paper dolls.  Costume designs. Doll clothing. Cloth toys.  Celtic knotwork. Paper masks.

Things I will not do: shota/loli either implied or explicit, hardcore pornography, copies of other artists' work, costumes for actual humans (I just don't know how to sew well enough,) and jewelry (I don't have the equipment on hand.  Sorry.)

I reserve the right to refuse a commission at any time before I get paid if I think I cannot satisfy you.  After I get paid, I will make my best effort to finish a commission.  If I cannot, I will give a partial refund, depending on how much work I've put into it.  So far, I have never failed to complete a commission.
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I can't find your email address (although I'm sure it's here somewhere), so I'm trying this comment. I enjoyed your Panamindorah artwork. I've also published a fantasy novel at I need a book cover design for self-publishing, and some artwork to go with it. Some of my text, and a link to the audio feed, is at [link] . I'd appreciate a quote, or a discussion preliminary to making a quote. You can reach me at .
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I'll send you an email - mine is Thank YOU! I'm glad you like my work!