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By melukilan
Current Commissions:
Elizabeth: Painting!
Lira & Prism: Done!  With extra!
Thezoz: Working on final!
Remi: Approved!  Awaiting payment
Evan: Swirlybeast tattoo sketches coming up

Comics in progress:
GDS4: Script being tweaked
Revisions: Sketching
Metanoia: Chapter 11 sent for texting. 27/27 pages thumbnailed for Chapter 12. Cover and 11/27 pages sketched.   cover and 1/27 painted, 8 ready to paint.

Waiting List:
Abbie book 5

Current commission status: I am looking for full-time work and only taking on a limited number of commissions.  If you're interested, email me at

Prints available through DA.
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I'm so incredibly happy to see more Metanoia!

(Also happily rereading the Mini-comic dream sequence yet again - but why isn't it part of the main story, dangit?! Also took me this long to notice his woad/paint retreating when he's talking with Zan, because, well, THEM, dammit!)

--Nonie, delighted to the point of incoherence
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Yo, you still doing commissions or what? I love your work. I am your internet art fan slave.
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Heh, thank you very much, I'm flattered! I'm open for small commissions - small art cards like this: [link] or this: [link]
or for chibi commissions. If you've got a book, magazine, or website you want me to illustrate, we can talk. I've got a comic, a book, and an internship currently on my plate, so I'm trying to schedule anything else fairly carefully.
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Ouch! That sounds like you're really busy. I can definitely wait until your schedule's more free to bug you about Until then, good luck with your internship!
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Thanks very much! Don't worry about it - I love my work. I hope you will come back and give me things to draw!
DAKONEKO's avatar
Absolutely! <3
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Rah I dreamt about you last night because I'm creepy.
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Hee! I don't show up in other people's dreams very often - did I do anything special or was I just kinda there?
Potatoe1988's avatar
You were actually there for quite a while. I had a discussion with you about how I would tell you I dreamt of you, so I figured I should go through with my promise. I also advised you to stick around, as in your present form you existed only as a product of my mind, and thus as soon as you left my presence you would cease to exist. Ultimately you turned evil, though, which was a shame. You tried to steal my shoes. You may or may not have turned into a bear, it gets kinda fuzzy after a while...

And how do you know you don't show up in other people's dreams often? Maybe random people like me dream about you all the time, but don't tell you because they don't want to seem creepy.
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Wish I had enough money to order a print. But . . . Metanoiais resuming?! I'm so excited! (Does this mean Jesse's going to come out of hiding?)
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Kinda sorta maybe? We've been talking, and he's been feeling better. He hasn't been idle all this time, either, but he's still getting over his fear of an audience and expectation, so I wouldn't look to see too much from him for a while yet.
Gibbilty gook I keep forgeting about this! Ugh I'm really sorry but I just can't focus my life kinda exploded with projects and events to attend and crap a ton of birthdays.
Yay new social life but I think I'm going to have to back down. Bump up somebody else on the waiting list! I'm Really sorry for flaking, I really want the arts still but it's going to have to wait.
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Perfectly understandable! I'm actually rather relieved to have the time for schoolwork.
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awesomesauce! new metanoia! and it's nice to see downed*angel there on the waiting list *hugs*
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I -am- going to get back to you about those commissions... I'm currently devoting my brain to thesis, and am apt to break into topic-thoughts at any second. Sorry it's taking so long! I can assure you, however, that I have night nothing but adulatory praise, even to an effusive degree, for the one I've seen. I'm like to go on for ages.

Thank you so much, again! Sorry for being a poor correspondent!

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Seeing that 'Done' has made my week 8D. I cannot wait to see what magic you've worked!
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I'm SO sorry it took so long! But yeah, I think it turned out pretty well in the end. And if it's too sketchy for you I can refine it a bit more.
LaughingAstarael's avatar
Really, I absolutely don't mind. I knew it was in good hands, and you had a whole lot on your plate.

I'll let you know when I see it (:
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Dude, I am like so exited I keep looking at the little "sketched" by my name and get freaking giddy with anticipation.
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Woo! Comics! <3 and geeze you work on a lot of stuff *mind boggles*
anyway. umm..... do you have space on the waiting list for Luka-brain chibis? 'cause... uhh.... IthinkIfinallyscrapedupenoughfromthispaycheckandIwouldbuyoneanywaybutitsaspecialoccasioncauseLukaisawesomeandyou'reawesometooand
*rereads* yeah. that. in non-Bryn-babble, I'm using helping Luka as an excuse to buy myself one of your wonderful chibis ^^;
melukilan's avatar
Yup, I'm still accepting Luka-brain chibi commissions! <3
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>GDS3 (Formatting for print)

Lest you think no one notices, I've been watching this and I was all excited a few days ago when you finished it. Is the formatting process very long and complicated?
melukilan's avatar
It's...well, I've never done it, but according to the housemates who do, it is a real pain, even with good software to help. But it will get done, and done well and soon!

(Hee, and I'm glad people actually read this thing.)
alhilton's avatar
Ha! I have thought, "I'm glad she can't see how often I check this page, 'cause it would be embarrassing." Does SP format them for you (or did I misunderstand your LJ)?
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