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Room illustrations

By melukilan
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These illustrations went with foldable room models, for a self-chosen assignment. NOT what my teacher was expecting.

I did mood books, illustrations, and these foldable models for three different 'sets' - each made to utterly change the personality of this bare room, which was based on the apartment I was living in at the time.

In the interests of simply getting these UP here, I'm leaving them in their goofy tiltawhirl formation. I may come back and separate and straighten them later.
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Wonderful concept.  I wish this image was larger, to appreciate the details.  ;]
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Agreed! These are pretty spectacular. Love the way you went above and beyond the assignment parameters here. :LOL: As usual your use of color to create mood and personality is especially awesome.
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Also, emoticon fail. It was supposed to look like this: :lol:
I hope your (unimaginative?) teacher gave you extra credit; these are AMAZING!

Your fan,