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Faces from Memory

By melukilan
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I really, really, really like how this turned out.

There's not actually a story here. The only thing they have in common is that they both held still long enough for me to sketch them. One was the guy next door in the dorms my first year, and the other was a girl from the illustration course I took third year. But they fit together so nicely.
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well done man! watercolor? :) great
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I can't believe I didn't comment on this one. =_= It's really fresh and clean! :D I love the way they kind of melt together, and the hair, and everything!
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Eee, thank you!

Yeah, I do much better work when I work from reference. I think having the real thing in front of me frees me to think of ways to interpret it, instead of trying to get every single detail down on the paper like I do when I'm working from my imagination. I'm trying to develop a style that blends realism and stylization...
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My goodness... what I wouldn't give to have you sketch me! (unfortunately I have no cash for a comission... and I'm not quite that self-obsessed) You, madam, have an absolutley incredible talent--I don't know what you believe, but I see it as God-given. The way you render light and color is positively astounding, especially when you consider that you're just going to get better. There's this quote; "A painter can turn the sun into a dot of yellow paint, but an artist turns a dot of yellow paint into the sun." That's you, right there.

Thanks for sharing your art out here on the web. I look forward to more. ^.^

(P.S. Sorry for the excessive mush. I'll stop now, I swear.)
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This is one of my favorite pieces, of all I've ever done, and it's just lovely to have it so well appreciated. Thank you for your articulate effusion!
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that looks like the hat i used to wear around high school sara lol
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I love the girl's expression and the guy's nose and hair. Skin color is also way shway X3... Drawing faces can be relaxing, can't it? ^.^

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There are so many things I like about this piece . . . it's soft and moody, it looks like something out of some old scrapbook . . . but my favorite thing is the girl's hair. There's not much of it visible, but it's so graceful and flowing.
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This is mind blowing! I love the shading and the girl's hair!
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Those are very nice. The girl and her hair are particularly lovely.
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