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Starlight Glimmer in Tartarus

In my Alternate Ending to the MLP:FiM Season 5 finale, Starlight Glimmer doesn’t use a time travel spell to fuck up the space time continuum with her pathetic revenge plot against The Mane 6, but instead she forces Twilight Sparkle to surrender her Cutie Mark in exchange for her friends before she turns into a she-demon, destroys the Elements of Harmony, tries to take over the world but then she gets her ass handed to her when Twilight and company unleash their true magic of friendship to defeat her before Princess Celestia removes Starlight Glimmer’s magic as well as her Cutie Mark before having her locked up in Tartarus with Lord Tirek because she deserves it better than becoming a new cast member.

Starlight Glimmer (c) hasbroplz 
Fan Art (c) MelSpyRose 
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Starlight Glimmer goes to Tarturus and is welcomed by a Familiar Centaur

???: I hear Twilight and her Friends put you in here...

Starlight: You know Twilight Sparkle?

???: If I didn't, Why would I be working with someone who Has it out for them?

Starlight: (Sinister Chuckle) Tell me more. If I wasn't in here, You'd have no idea the things I'd do to them.

???: ... Well, Have I got good news for you.

The Centaur's eyes soon glow yellow/Fade to black.

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Evil minds think alike?
I like that black and white sketchy line style!
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Agree with this, and I find it funny of Hasbro to place Cozy Glow, a literal child, in tartarus but they can't do the same for Starlight who committed a worse crime, instead they let her go free.

How it Should Have Ended
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Again, Starlight wouldn't be that evil.
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Using time travel to ruin the lives of others is evil.
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OK... Twilight did mess up her idilic village. So give and recieve, right?
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Starlight took away their individuality, and she stole Twilight and the others' cutie marks. No matter what, nothing could justify that womanchild's actions

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A womanchild? What? She's shown she can be mature.

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Punishments would be consistent that for sure:XD:
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Once again, I prefer this over what we got in Season 5 by a long shot.

Of course, in my version, rather than being banished to Tartarus, Starlight was thrown into the highest security dungeon.
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What is your fetish for punishing Starlight, she's not evil, lol.
Stu-artMcmoy17's avatar
It's not a fetish, you Shank!
I just hate how cheap the redemption was!

And furthermore, I DON'T have any Fetishes!
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Haha, ok. I thought it was sensible. She saw the end of Equestria, after all.
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Don't worry Miss Glimmer..... you are pivotal to my plan.

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I have an idea for an alternate beginning of Season 9.
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Here is my idea, Spike suddenly ascended into a Harmony Dragon right before the Princesses announced their retirement. And after they saw Spike ascend they allowed him and Twilight to take their place and after they learned That King Sombra was getting ready to destroy the Tree of Harmony, Spike save the Elements and teleported them to a safe place before Sombra imprisoned him and his friends. And after Discord lost his life, Spike developed the Flames of Purification with the help of his friends to purify King Sombra which explains the girls that The Princesses aren't ready to retire which disappoints Discord and realize Discord is to retire as well.
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