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House in the Forest

By melora
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Some environment practice!
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I peer up into the silent hills, and the dark pines rising from the snow, and find this creepy little fellow staring back from the hilltop! Those young hikers have followed their GPS to the wrong cottage. Soon the sunlight will vanish from the woods and night will descend.

It is a small detail, but I appreciate the glimpses of towering hills behind the trees, and the mere sliver of sky above. This place really looms, and speaks true to my experience hiking in woods just like these. You sense the land swallowing you, the deeper you travel.

Thanks for transporting me away from my cramped apartment for a moment.
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oh... I had the colors all wrong. I use the flux app, my screen was dimmed and yellow, the green plants looked like snow, and the moss on the branches looked like ice. The light on the forest floor looked golden, and soon to fade.
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Atmosphere here is perfect. The misty dimness and the fuzzy trees.
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The scale here is really impressive. The way you overlapped the trees makes me feel like I'm standing in that forest, looking upwards.
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this is sooo AMAZING!!!Love 
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That little bit of orange on the boots and bag! So into it :D
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Really good! I love it :D
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wow :0 such a gorgeous atmosphere !  
you're really  good at creating depth  and  o0o0 little  mysterious person hiding in the trees!
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Waah, I want to walk in that forest, I love the atmosphere! *__*
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Very atmospheric. I can just smell all that greenery and leaf litter. Adventure awaits.
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this is amazing, the light coming through the trees looks really cool!
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oh, my... really cool!
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Guess I know where I'll be going off to explore!
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I love the light in this piece. And the shape of the trees. It makes me feel like I could just step into it. :aww: It's my new desktop wallpaper. So beautiful.
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Wonderful !
I really love the light ^^
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Love the figure up in the treeline watching them!

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