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Kate Upton II

By MelonMorph
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In response to popular demand: More Kate Upton!
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Those tits are ginormous.
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A better look for her to be sure.
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I would hug those tits hard!
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 Very Lovely Work.. Rock On!!! :)
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OGM! Got inspired enough I guess... Illustration in progress!
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amazing Melons :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)  Nod Nod Love Love Love Clap Clap 
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While I love her figure, and this is a fine morph of her breasts, it's her face that still attracts.
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this site is for art. find a tit fettish page or something.
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Photomanipulation is a real form of art.
(See... it's so good that you don't know it's photoshopped.)
HailThePumpkinQueen's avatar
if that applied for all photomanipulation, then why isn't this site full of photoshopped images of teenage girls who blend away acne or make their asses look bigger via photomanip? art, by definition, is something made using imagination and skill, and that expresses important idea or feelings. what does your "art" express? 'omg im horny and like big tits even though they aren't real'??? 'omg lets manipulate human beings into sex objects'?? 'whoo hoo lets make softcore porn and call it art'?? I, as well as millions, come here to see ART, not tits.
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You can't say that something that contains tits isn't art though. 
How is this picture not "imagination" and "skill"?
How is this softcore porn? It's just a female body (although idealized).

You may not like this style, but it is art.  
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But ya know, from an understanding point of view, good and bad are subjective and people happen to have different preferences, as long as it's within the rules and accordance of the site's creators/moderators , it should be allowed. And obviously, since there's a LOT of this material on this site to various degree, there's no way in hell they didn't notice this theme. So I guess it's within their rules and with good and bad coz I know several examples that happen to make no sense to me too, those are the rules. So no use sweating over anything unless one really plans to invest a lot of time and interest gathering people and pointing some sort of contradiction within their rules and all that.
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very true. its just a bit frustrating to have boobs shoved in your face while browsing for quality artwork :/
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