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Race To The Bottom - ATG Day 22

As with any group of performers, there's a fair few friendly rivalries in the Wonderbolts. And when a dispute really, absolutely has to be resolved, there's only one way to decide it: a plunge to the ground from Cloudsdale, with no flight suits and definitely no goggles. First one to hit the dirt wins, and the bonus prize is being able to stand back up afterward! Reckon you can fight the twin forces of gravity and hurricane-force winds? Better hope your wings hold up, rookie...

Drawn in Paint Tool SAI for Day 22 of the 2013 Artist Training Ground - 'Draw a pony in a competition / Draw a pony dueling.'

Also, while drawing this, I learned two things: Firstly, drawing ponies from a top-down perspective is surprisingly difficult, and that there is no finer background music to drawing Wonderbolts racing than the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack (movie and game, naturally =D)
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There's a fart joke in there. I just know it.
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Well, what do you think those flames coming from Spitfire are? =P