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Hey guys, I know if there's one thing we can all agree on is the fact that I'm like, really dead on here lately! It is within reason, I swear.

I've been busy with work as per usual, but I've mostly been engaging with the Boku no Hero Academia fandom lately. I've got 3 OCs that I may or may not post on here, but me and my friends have a grouping for our OCs which has been a lot of fun for me.

Not only that but I've recently gotten back into writing! Like not just plotting out visual stories I mean like actual story writing. I'm writing a BNHA fanfic! And it's my biggest muse of all at the moment. It would really be great to have the support of my followers on here, but there's no obligations to do so I promise!

^ it can be read here! I really like the ao3 formatting tbh, really user friendly and the tagging is rly great for gaging fics more than what you can put out there on, which is where I used to post my Yugioh fanfics, lol. Most of you won't remember my YGO days... it was pre-Hetalia!

For the record, my OTP is KamiJirou, but aside from them I'm happy with just about any ship. I just really fucking love KamiJirou and I would die for them. I gotta draw them tbph I GOTTA DRAW BNHA FANART AS WELL AS MY DAMN OCS LOL

any fucking way this is what's happening. Any other BNHA fans here?
hi i barely post here, if you wanna talk i'm more on facebook or discord, lol


my friend :iconsumooli: who i adore even tho we don't talk much but when we do it's always so nice and wholesome?! GOSH

anyway she's got this visual novel project and has released the demo, which you can find here!:

One Hell of a Week by Sumooli


Otherwise the art is really nice, i love the character sprites, ALANI IS ALREADY MY DAUGHTER and honestly i lowkey hope for a route to bang Abo, kek (hey bby can we marry the devil himself as a plot twist route--//kicked I WANNA MARRY THE DEVIL)

the humour is hilarious and in your face too, the game isn't subtle in the slightest. It knows what it is and makes no effort to hide it, which I love. I LOVE IT WHEN A STORY KNOWS WHAT IT'S MEANT TO BE OKAY. This is gr8 for laughs and the girls are babes and i love the diversity amongst the girls too.


(i would sell my soul for secret abo route i am not kidding)
hey guys long time no talk
i'm more on discord and FB nowadays mmmm. I'm mostly focused on Original OCs, APH, Naruto and Pokemon OCs atm. HMU if you wanna be added on either discord or FB as I post my sketches more on Facebook and I chat way more on discord.

I'm working on a new Naruto OC who I'm blatantly shipping with a popular canon because IDGAF. I've moved past the phase of really giving a damn what others think of what I'm doing with my art, instead just doing what makes me happy. So lmfao fuck yeah my newest OC is shipped with Kakashi from Naruto and I DONT CARE LOL I'M HAVING FUN

and honestly that's what it's all about. All along I never created my OCs for other people. I'm doing it because it's fun and I get to express my creativity in my own way. I feel like I've spent too long being critical of not only myself and my standards, which in turn I end up projecting onto others around me. No more of that.

Do what makes you happy. If you wanna have your OC get dicked by 30+ characters from varying fandoms, power to you. Make the biggest Mary Sue or Gary Stu. IDGAF. Are you happy? FANTASTIC!!!!

I love accuracy and research on my APH OCs and that makes me happy. That may not be everyone's approach with their own OCs and THAT'S OK. As long as you're not being a piece of ass disrespecting and insulting the nation portrayed or offending those from that nation, GREAT GREAT. You're never going to please everyone and sometimes it's better to just do some things for yourself.

I love my OCs all of them, all 100+ I've created over the years. Even my very first OCs which were piles of horseshit BUT. I also remember at the time I was having so much with those characters, regardless of how shit they were. I'm all for a positive happy 2018, I truly am. I'm trying so damn hard and I know one of my first steps is not letting negativity or pressure get to me so much. I need to do what is best for me and what makes me happy in this shitty experience that is life.

So quite frankly, YES. I'M GOING TO DRAW ONLY WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY. I'm going to try fish for opinions less and does automatically go with the option that pleases me the most. Even if some days it means I don't do anything worthwhile at all. At work I'm having to adhere to what must be done. In my personal time I want absolute freedom, gods, I NEED IT.
Hey guys, just wanted to give an update on things. My job is going well and I have a few things on my to do list, so!

- I have a visual novel project in the works titled 'Ignorance is Bliss', which you can see a little more on here:
[OC] Chelsea Ashford by melondramatics

- I'm planning to make a graphic novel! Just a movie length one, so not a full on series - a shorter story! More on that when I get back from my trip.

- I have a couple art trades to finish

- gotta make refs for my Fragili (closed species by my friend Fri)

- do more on my Country Personification OCs: the reason I label them as this rather than APH OCs is because I'm distancing myself further and further from that fandom, with the aim of doing personifications for myself, not for a fandom - maybe for like-minded friends of mine, but ultimately APH is dead and not doing it for me. So I'll make progress on really distancing myself from that sometime, hopefully.

- I'm going to open commissions next year! I have a preview of the commission journal here, but not yet open to the public:


I'm going on holiday from tomorrow onwards and generally won't be available most places. I'm away from 15th December to January 6th and will be fairly inactive during that time, even on FaceBook where I'm more active.

I'm on holiday to Japan, Thailand, Burma (Myanmar) and Laos! Mostly the former two, but I am doing a Golden Triangle tour. With Japan I'll get to see Tokyo, Takayama, Hiroshima, Mt Fuji, Koyasan, Kyoto and Osaka! It's been a lifelong dream to visit Japan so I'm mega hyped for it. Truly the best thing to come out of this year, honestly.

So yeah now you know what's to come, and hopefully 2018 will be more active for me artwise!
sorry I've been deadly busy, I've also come down with a lot of sickness so there's been a very consistent... slowness of response. However, there has been some very sad news in my family. I'm in a really bad place at the moment, I guess. I'm just going to copy and paste from my facebook status, which tells of the situation:

Yesterday was the worst morning of my life, for my most dear dog George, the first I've ever had, had passed in his sleep. He was an old, old boy and so very sadly his time had come. I woke up that morning and he did the small acknowledgement of my presence and went back to sleep. I didn't think anything of it at first, he's a very lazy boy and he usually doesn't truly rise until breakfast time anyway. So I continued to get ready for the day and then I prepared the dogs' breakfast. George was the only one who didn't come running. In that half hour, it had already happened. I could feel my heart break but I didn't want to believe it - there was nothing I could have done. My mind ran a million miles an hour, as I was refusing to accept I just wanted to help, my heart ached knowing the rest of my family weren't here.

But he didn't suffer. He wasn't going through any major illnesses, he was always happy to get his food and my goodness, the extreme elation he experiences when I bring out the lead. Just simple things like that showed he was still enjoying life right until the very end. It wasn't painful for him, only sudden and quick. Honestly I couldn't ask for much more than that. I keep having to tell myself I didn't fail, I swear to God I did the very best I could for him to make sure he felt enjoyment, warmth and love. He went to rest and there was nothing more to it.

I know George is extremely special to my mum, a true momma's boy with the soppiest buggiest eyes in the world. Goodness me, those eyes have lead to many AWWWWs from friends, family and strangers alike. His expressions have also created humour amongst my friends which we referred to as 'Distressed George'. Despite these eyes of his, he was always soft and gentle and patient, except when it came to asking for belly rubs! We have this phrase in my family, "Paw of Belly" where he'd wave his paw if you walked past him AND HOW DARE U NOT RUB HIS BELLY!! Usually it's our girls who are the attention hogs but George had his ways that swayed especially mum (I however didn't succumb so easily to Treat Face, I inherited my strong will from a different family member?)

Still, George is very special as our first dog. I used to have a fear of dogs that meant I rly went out of my way to avoid contact. George helped me cure that fear through his patient, gentle kind personality. He was never aggressive or startling, he was so well mannered and sweet.

Thank you George, for being such a loving dog who was loved and cherished by his friends and family, who charmed basically everyone who ever met him. Rest in peace.


my precious boy <3
if we've never really talked before, feel free to introduce yourself! Just uh, a name I can call you by, age/gender/country you're from (if you want, i wanna respect pronouns and all, also prefer to be aware of the age of the person i'm talking to, country is just a curiosity), and things we appear to have in common? i listed my fandoms and stuff on my profile anyways!

oh and if we haven't talked in ages and you just wanna reconnect, feel free to update me on shit. i mostly stick to FB nowadays but i do wanna keep up with those who aren't on FB too! and I can get a little forgetful if it's been ages, so refreshers always help.

feel free to comment here or note me! i'll try respond asap, i am a generally busy person but i'm kinda determined to at least try u__u

also if you have discord, hmu! :0
btw I got Discord! If you're wanting to add me, please comment here or note me, and I can give you my details! uwu

look forward to adding more ppl on there! <333
btw i have a pinterest here:…

feel free to follow me and tell your account too so i can follow back!

don't steal all my pins for ur own ocs tho 8U

and i asked for kami's permission to use the same title layout style, because we share some boards! so don't mimic cuz while it matters less to me, it matters to kami and i see enough ppl ripping off her way of doing things anyway lol

BUT YES!! I'm gradually setting up boards for all my OCs and OTPs aesthetics lol, it's surprisingly a lot of fun <3333 i'm especially proud of my board for my NZ OC <3333
stolen from kamillyanna muh OTP waifufufufu

You can ask me about 2 characters from fandoms I'm in (preferably APH, Pokemon or Naruto) and I'll answer with honesty in the following format:

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality:
worst quality: 
ship them with: 
brotp them with: 
needs to stay away from:
misc. thoughts:

EDIT: I have been approached privately by a friend I trust and have worked out a deal with! So thanks for those who showed interest, but I've found someone to help me. :0

I was thinking I wanted to change the outfits of a set of my non-fandom OCs for a while, and I'm not confident in my outfit designs lately... and I want to start a comic asap with these main characters. So if there is anyone who is interested, I am willing to negotiate prices! I can pay in $$$ - and I'm happy to work out a pay plan that suits the both of us.

It's for nine characters, and I'd preferably like a sense of style consistency if possible. If not, similar style for the girls (four girls), and similar style for the guys (five guys). I don't mind a set price per character design. I don't want to reveal too much about the characters just yet, so whoever is up for the job I'll give more specifics about the types of fashion I see them with, colour palettes, etc.

The characters are human though, and I want to see them in modern fashion with some slight fantastical twists. Each character has their own sense of style though, but will connect to that general theme. OFC each outfit design will be credited... and I'll throw in an art request free of charge along with the payment for the job! And these outfits will be the most consistently used for that character throughout the comic. :0

If you are interested, please comment with links to your commissions (paypal only!) or show examples of your character designs... or both! Either way I'm really keen to work with someone who is especially interested in clothes design. :0
But :iconnerdyjones: / :iconh-edonista: is my girlfriend lmfao

I adore her so much and want the very best for her ahhhhh

Anyway for now I wanna see her get through her studies, then see what the future holds!

Either way she's one of my best friends, I love her

Lmfao we actually announced this a half a month ago CAN U BELIEVE HOW SLOW I AM TO REMEMBER MENTIONING HERE AND STUFF LMFAO
Due to getting hacked, I decided to make a new Skype account.

Please NOTE me if you want to be readded to my new account!! I'll be trying to note people who I know I contact on skype regularly but I'm not good at remembering everyone.
hey, I've ended up doing a lot of thinking and I've decided that I'm putting a bunch of my OCs to rest. I think they would be better in the hands of others!

So rather than doing an auction or a set price, I'm taking offers!

You can offer art (eg. chibis, bust shots, half bodies, etc), money (I have paypal!), points or a mix. It is NOT first come, first served - but I would like to have decided on new owners ASAP.

Minimum for points per character is 1000 btw, and minimum for dollars is $10. You get full bodies of the characters with two of their outfit designs as well as patterns I used for certain clothing, so I don't want to undersell myself too badly.

Anyway, so if you get any of these OCs, you can:
  • own all rights to the OC (credit me for the design, but the rest is all yours)
  • adjust the character's design (minor! i would appreciate the design to still be recogniseable)
  • change the character's name
  • make your own backstory, personality, etc for the character
  • resell the character (Not for more than what you paid, and notify me!)
  • trade off the character (again, just notify me who the new owner is)

These are the OCs I'm putting up for adoption:

And if you are interested, here is the form to fill out in the comments:

CHARACTER/S I WANT: (link that character's stash folder)
MY OFFER: (if art, link examples of your art and what kind of art you can do - and if money/points, how much?)

It's that simple, lol.

PLS PLS PLS guys, I really want these guys to go to good homes so bad! LOVE THEM
if you're an RPer in the APH or Indie Country OC community, I've made a new account!


check it out! i may use that account for my NZ related art more, so if that's something you're interested in seeing more of, please follow!

it's still a bit of a WIP but working on it!
This Asshat2 by melondramatics
This Asshat1 by melondramatics

not only have they degraded :iconkamillyanna:'s OC, but they have stolen and edited other artwork:
This Asshat3 by melondramatics

^ they meshed artwork belonging to Elena and the original here:
AT: Canada and Venezuela by Chantalwut SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL PIECE!!!

But yeah, the whole gallery is a mess. I've reported this absolute trashy account, which I suspect is a new account of this person here
please report this person
i had my inbox spammed with these. And while idc for this person's opinions, I hate that Kay-I is probs getting bombarded with these messages too, via mentions. Frequently this person displays hatred and just won't listen to reason. So I urge those who have had dealings with this person to report her, and anyone else with a shred of decency.
cuz fuck i don't need to deal with this bitch and sexist stuck in the dark ages, and I ain't talking about Kay-I. 8/
I've already reported this person btw, but I encourage others to do so as well.

an annoying, ridiculous troll who at first cried about Ukraine, but is now harassing others and bringing insult to not just APH Canons, but Hetalia OCs? Nah-uh, shut this shit down asap. 8^/ You can see their username in the screenshots I posted. I reported the deviations and the person, but if more ppl speak out that should help too. ^^
i put this on my FB and felt like sharing here...

1. i'm missing the Obamas already 8^(
2. seeing the disdain, the sadness, the anger, the disappointment... it's really no fun to watch this. I'm gutted for America right now. I've always disliked Trump and I wish voters took him more seriously as a candidate.
3. I know some of my friends prefer Trump - I don't understand why but I hope you don't go bragging about the results right to the faces and statuses that are truly against him and upset over it. It would be a hella immature move, super childish - you party in your zone, kk
4. so uh, I also predict a future assassination or an assassination attempt and I'm not even kidding 8^//////
5. to those in America who are eligible to vote and voted third party or didn't vote, fuck you, you don't get to complain about the way the election went. If you had the opportunity to partake in it, you should have done so and done so in a valuable way. 'Third Party' candidates never come first, it's a waste of vote when it comes to electing the president.
6. I am fine with ppl who disagree with my political views, so long as they understand that I am entitled to my views and vice versa. Debating is all fine if it allows for a chance to see different points of view. Open-mindedness is absolutely key. I don't like Trump but I have noted reasons people had for choosing him. I don't necessarily agree with said reasons but everyone comes into forming opinions having lived differing lives, perspectives and experiences.
7. i'm so glad to be a New Zealander right now, honestly. I'm so glad NZers are less over the top with their political views - we don't go on and on about whether we're left or right or whatever. You can go an entire lifetime not knowing who your friends are voting for, but everyone who votes are going for what they believe in. There isn't this gigantic ass thing about allegiances and dividing people up the way American politics does. NZ isn't perfect either but I'm glad our political culture doesn't match the USA.
8. for the record I consider myself centre-left I guess? I'm not extremely left wing, nor am I full on right wing, but I know I'm more liberal than conservative too. And when it came to Democrats I preferred Sanders over Clinton, but I knew Clinton was going to win the Democrats all along lol.
9. i wish there wasn't a limit on terms because I wish Obama could still be president. Too bad that ain't an option... and yet congress members are allowed to stay in for decades and decades. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. .. . . .
10. can Michelle Obama run in future? I need her, I love her, she was the best first lady. Hell, if our next possible first lady felt the need to copy her speech, lol... but seriously, Michelle Obama is extremely educated, classy, an amazing role model for women, she was real af.
11. stay strong, guys. Stick to what you believe in, no matter what. Please keep up the good fight. Keep advocating for what's right. Don't let bigotry and discrimination be enabled.
12. NZ is pretty cool to live in, just saying



but yeah, Donald Trump is the new President of the United States of America. The rest of the world is going to have to deal with that as well.

And to all minorities in America, stay safe, please. Hate crimes increased after Brexit and I'm sure they will increase in America too. So take care.
I may be making adopts based on the Chinese Zodiac! I'm trying to decide whether to design them by myself or to collab with another artist (a trusted one, not first come first served!)
But I'm referring to these ones!:

I was thinking if I do them, I'd make a cheeb form and full size form and go for the mimi approach? So humanoid but featuring distinctive animal traits, but also incorporate elements of Chinese fashion/culture.

Trying to think of prices, but I do know I'd want to keep one of them for myself LOL - but a starting price of $15 maybe?? Or more, idk yet lol I DEFFO WANNA DO RESEARCH AND DRAFT UP CHARAS

casual trivia but I am born Year of the Rooster <3 (i think it may fit lmfao), what year are my watchers?

warning, the offending blog in question is NSFW.

So hornyserbia on tumblr thought it would be a great idea to use fanart of my OC Serbia as a watermark on photos of gay porn. I've been told that my friends has asked them to take down the photos using that fanart (belonging to my good friend Vichi btw) but they have continued to post such pictures. I've sent a message through my own tumblr blog but I fear that they will not listen.

Hornyserbia Message 3 by melondramatics
Hornyserbia Message 1 by melondramatics
Hornyserbia Message 2 by melondramatics

I can only hope that this blog will listen to me, but the fact that they haven't listened to others makes me feel that they probably don't care. I need to go to work now, but if any of you can help me with this, I would be extremely grateful.

ofc this problem would wait until my Monday to arise, lmfao. The fucking irony.

UPDATE!: Vichi and I were able to report the blog and get it deleted, so no more of my OC on photos of dicks I hope! I'm glad this was resolved quickly, but guys, beware of places like tumblr and instagram taking your artwork for all the wrong reasons. It's sad to us artists, but it does happen. Be cautious.
I dyed my hair as an early birthday gift to meeeee

I hate taking selfies but I wanted my friends to see it, lol <3

(i might go take a better photo with some make-up on later but too lazy atm)

i can't wait to go out and be oppressed--//kicked
nahh but I want the stigma around colourful hair being connected to tumblr sjws to be broken tbh

btw sorry about being so slow with art and everything, i've been working on a graphic novel rather privately but my job takes up most of my time. Working for the government's been a lot of fun and it's my honest priority above all, not just because I need that fine $$$ but it builds experience and will lead to greater opportunities, I'm sure! I am planning to write a novel for NaNoWriMo though, and I think the storyline I have planned is quite controversial - but I love pushing boundaries, honestly. I've been doing lots of research too - I want to have fun but show understanding, but have characters with depth, real flaws and drop the rose tinted glasses, especially for the genres I'm going for. I'm relieved with the idea I have because it shouldn't turn into a series - it'll be a standalone piece, which I often struggle with. I often have too many ideas and so everything branches out beyond my control. It'll be nice to test myself with a more condensed piece.

So thanks to those who answered my poll - I decided the protagonist of my NaNoWriMo piece will be Oria, and the draft title I have for the piece is 'Oria's Justice'. I loved the name Fiorenza so much though, so another major character will have that name. Oh yeah and the Italian name choices were extremely deliberate, lmao. I'm focusing on Italian-American characters overall though!

Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo this year? Feel free to chat with me your ideas through notes! Or Skype, I can do Skype (just note me for details with that if I don't have you) orrrr FB if you already have me there lmao
I love bonding with other writers, I think it's important to do so as it helps to develop your own skills as well - plus potential betas!