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[PERSONA] melara reference

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btw this was inspired by kamillyanna's wardrobe line-ups for her APH OCs (she also made one for our shared Philippines Maricela)... also i got a new chibi style sorta?? I HOPE I CAN BE CONSISTENT WITH THIS ANYWAY NNGHH

anyway this is my persona Melara, my friends and I are having a nice persona phase with varying aesthetics... I've drawn her main form before, but here's the rest of the main forms.

Melara's aesthetics are based mostly around travel, and feature my fave colours predominantly - pink and teal. Her special powers are that she can use her globe necklace to travel the world, and to transform into a form to adjust with the climate of the place she teleports to. So she teleports to a country in summer? She takes her summer form. She winds up in a country during autumn season? She adjusts to autumn form. I was inspired somewhat by the Pokemon Deerling and also the Alola forms of Pokemon, where the Pokemon's form is different in order to adjust to the new setting.

Travelling has shaped a huge part of my life - I love learning about the world and what different places have to offer. My dream is to somehow make it to every country in the world, even though with the chaos going on it's a bit unrealistic atm. Still, it's my dream. Growing up I've travelled to many places. I got my qualifications in tourism and immediately after finishing all my studies I set off to work overseas. I love collecting maps and travel books for different places worldwide, I want to start a collection of globes, I fucking love the wanderlust aesthetic. I'm not good at sitting still in one place for too long, I love to be on the move. It's my life and it's my passion. That's why my basis for Melara is around travel. Teleportation ties in with that because of easy access travel - it's my dream superpower honestly. And the reason Melara climatizes so brilliantly is because hell, New Zealand is known for 'Four Seasons in One Day'. We don't have weather consistency and we're used to adjusting throughout the day. Melara's form changing is basically an exaggeration of what I go through on a daily basis, tbh. Plus what's a travel hoe who can't adjust to new settings, new climates and whatnot??

BTW her hairstyle changes are mostly just aesthetic preference, lol. It's true that I have changed my hair very dramatically over the years though. I've dyed it this sort of colour before too and hope to do so again. It's just fun for me??? Plus mmm, shorter hair is more practical in the heat, while longer hair can provide a bit of extra warmth in the winter, lol.

oh yeah, Melara is girlfriends with Jones' Berenguela just like I'm girlfriends with Jones, lol. Basically all of Melara's relationships with other personas correspond with my relationships to the muns of the personas. It's easier for me to keep track anyway.


Melara belongs to me, melondramatics
pls dont rip off my ideas thanks, these are my mf likes
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Wow this is adorable! And it's been a while since our last conversation. How's life?
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honestly super busy, I'm working all the time so my activity here pales in comparison. Doing well with writing my stories but yet to do the drawing side of it all, which is a bother to me OTL
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Oh I see.
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AAA THIS IS SO CUTE IM IN LOV, i adore that long hairstyle as well i think it looks very elegant ! beautiful lineup mel <3
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GOSH THIS IS A LATE RESPONSE but omg thanks<333 i rly enjoyed working on it and hope to do a kiri wardrobe line-up in near future too nnghh