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edit: decided to update this properly to have what is actually the current design, which btw in this image is drawn by kamillyanna, but the first drawing of this design was me mf:
dumps a draw here by melondramatics pls to make this clear yo - anyway this whole set-up is kami and my collab, for those who met me later, this OC originally started as mine alone lol, but due to circumstance became a collab!


  .:APH:. Philippines' Body Guide by kamillyanna  .:APH:. Notes on Philippines by kamillyanna  .:APH:. Philippines Outfit Lineup by kamillyanna

Republic of the Philippines ;; Repúblika ng Pilipinas

capital ;; Manila
language(s) ;; Filipino and English
birthday ;; June 12th // Independence from Spain

Maricela Lualhati de los Santos ;; ( explained here )

height ;; 5'1" [155 cm] // around average height
age ;; 20 (by appearance)
personality traits ;;
→ positive // feminine | energetic | active | determined | hardworking | calm-minded | domestic | optimistic | peaceful | diverse | cheerful | talented | openminded
→ negative // awkward | reserved | pushover | overestimates herself | refuses help | gluton | masks insecurities | stubborn | timid | old fashioned values

biography ;; personality writeup

Philippines as a young girl was very much the outdoors child. She was rough, active and curious. She loves the outdoors and early on in her life, she began to adore nature. She has a strong fondness towards flowers and fruit in particular, with her addiction being mangoes especially. She also loved to go swimming a lot and climb trees and well, just about any outdoors activity she could think of back then. Also she loves animals and when she was younger, she'd keep trying to bring home animals to live with her. She also quickly developed a love for gardening. She was quite a typical tribal sort of girl from an early age.

At first, the idea of interacting with outsiders seemed ridiculous to her as outsiders would ruin the nature she'd been growing up with. So Philippines and her people were quite brutal towards outsiders, fighting them off so she could go back to enjoying her simple lifestyle. But as more and more people kept coming to her islands, Philippines eventually decided she'd try to give them a chance. She was very cautious towards people as a child and very nervous and awkward in interacting with them. But because she hadn't done much social interacting, her judgement of people was quite off. It let her get taken advantage of rather easily. This led to Philippines having trust issues. Her awkward, reserved nature was something that remained even in modern times.
She's so insistent about her independence because of the numerous times in history where she's tried to be open to someone only for them to trample over her. Spain did it, even America did it. It's left her rather bitter, but it also taught her how important it is for her to be able to rely on herself and be strong. She started out weak, but overtime, she grew more and more determined to become a stronger person. Philippines has a tendency to shoulder too many burdens and overestimate what she can do. She has a tendency to refuse help from others, even when she needs it most. This tends to set her back quite often, but with her history, it really does make her uneasy when people try and help her.
Philippines is a hardworking girl, who'll take on just about any job you give her. It seems she's more okay with helping others than letting others help her. She'll take on multiple jobs at once and end up overworking herself. This tends to mean she doesn't give herself a lot of free time. She wakes up early in the morning to get to work and ends up working most of that day. Philippines does take siestas sometimes, but she feels a little guilty if she takes one when there's still work to be done. Strangely enough, once she gets relaxed, she becomes really, really relaxed and doesn't get enough done. Then she scolds herself for it and tries to make up for it by working even harder.
She's become very skilled with domestic chores over the years and can cook a variety of different dishes. Also, she has developed a very questionable taste in food, with dishes such as balut (boiled pre-hatched poultry eggs) and camaro (cooked field crickets). Philippines adores her food and will try just about any meal there is. Though she doesn't quite understand why other nations are hesitant to try some of her dishes. Such dishes seemed so normal to her when growing up!
She is an optimist though, despite what she has been through in her past. She has a tendency to hide her insecurities as much as possible, refusing to burden others with her problems. But because of this, she can become quite isolated when going through hardship. She lives by the idea that if she works hard enough, things will eventually work out well. She's incredibly stubborn about this too and doesn't give up easily, not always seeing when she should back down. She has strong beliefs and follows through with them, even if they're not always 'right'. It's in this sense that she overestimates herself. She can be a tough cookie, but she's nowhere near invincible. But it's her optimism and her hard-working nature that makes her unable to give up. She likes to finish things that she's started and will berate herself if she can't complete the task at hand. And she feels that having a positive attitude is the key to success.
She isn't one to snap at other people too easily. Philippines prefers to keep the peace as much as possible, which can make her a bit of a pushover. However, when it really counts, she will stand up fiercely for what she believes in. When she was younger, she was much more outspoken and rebellious, what with the way she kept revolting against Spain and sometimes America in the past. She doesn't like being told that she doesn't have the ability to accomplish something. It seems like a challenge to her and she will go for it. Philippines is a hard-working optimist with a love for nature and strong beliefs in Catholicism, but even she isn't without her spunk. She knows some martial arts, so she's very capable of self-defense. It's rare that she actually hurts anybody nowadays though.
Because of her strong beliefs in her religion and general Asian culture, Philippines isn't the best with romance. She spent so long focusing on gaining independence that she hadn't given much thought towards associating herself with certain relationships, actually. Philippines wishes to save herself for marriage and she's not used to the idea of others being interested in her romantically. She likes the idea of romance, but she hasn't learned much about it. Her inability to trust easily and the fact she's quite awkward means she ends up very flustered when people are affectionate with her or try to bring up romance with her. She finds it easier to avoid the subject altogether, actually. Not to mention, her lack of knowledge has made her rather oblivious. That flustered nature though; it has been known to put Philippines in very awkward situations where she blurts out the wrong things at the wrong times, or make ridiculous attempts to change the subject. It's a bit of a problem.
Philippines does have a very mixed culture, which is due to her upbringing. She engages in martial arts and loves to practice it against the other Asian nations. But she also loves to play sports such as football, basketball and boxing. It often surprises the other nations that she's got a damn mean punch. She's also quite good at basketball, which is also surprising considering her height and build. But the Philippines has some quite good records in both those sports. However, in football, she's not so good. She's never entered any World Tournaments, not even qualifying for the Asia Cup. It was considered a shock when she defeated Vietnam once. Still, Philippines does enjoy her sport. It reminds her of when she used to be more active in her youth.
Philippines loves music a lot. She knows a lot of her traditional folk dances and folk songs, often singing them to herself as she's hard at work. But she likes a variety of music, enjoying not just her own country's music, but she's very fond of America and South Korea's musicians too. Karaoke is very popular in the Philippines and she loves to invite visiting nations to do karaoke with her. She is quite modest about her singing ability though and doesn't like to boast - though she is talented at it! She's also learned a variety of dances from Spain too. She practices a lot, making her quite a good dance partner.
In terms of modernizing herself, Philippines is rather a mixed bag. She has very much taken to the idea of cellphones and loves to text a lot - after all, it means she can work hard but still hold conversations with her friends! She has been working hard to westernize herself, but she's ended up spending more time on her agriculture. She loves her country's scenery and she loves her gardens, which has left her cities to be rather untidy. Her cities are quite bad for pollution and her infrastructure is underdeveloped, but recently she's been trying to find ways to improve with that and clean up her cities.
In terms of literature, Philippines is becoming more literate. She actually didn't become an active reader until later in the Spanish colonisation period. Her literature varies in languages - mostly Tagalog, English and Spanish. She's better at reading Spanish than she is at speaking it. When it came to stories, she was often told them rather than her having to read them. In her younger days, she was especially into mythology and superstition. But then as she became more Catholic, Philippines paid attention to it less and less, not believing in it as much as she used to.
To summarise, Philippines is an optimistic, hardworking girl who strives to be fiercely independent as she goes about life. She can be rather reserved and awkward, but she does want to work hard and make friends with those around her, even if she does find it hard to really trust them. She has a stubborn streak, but also hints of naivety, that can lead to her getting in trouble.

*Personality is highly based on the common attitudes of Philippine women / Philippine people in general however also includes attitude of the country in terms of history + foreign relations

appearance ;;
Maricela has very dark brown, naturally wavy, mid-back length hair which appears a little shorter due to her hairstyle - her bangs swept to her right side with a strand loose over her ear, the rest of her hair is pulled to her left side into a side-ponytail which is secured with a small braid as a band. To hold her bangs back on that left side is the waling-waling flower, the 2nd national flower of the Philippines and the orchid considered to be the "Queen of Philippine flowers" and is worshiped in some indigenous groups. This flower replaces the sampaguitas. Her little cowlick-curl-like strand of hair at the top of her head represents the Batanes, the smallest northern-most province of the Philippines. Her skin is a well-tanned brown color with a standard brown undertone. Her eyes are an ordinary dark brown, the most common eye color among Filipinos. On her left wrist is a small tattoo of the Lingling-o pendant shape - the pendant is used by indigenous peoples yet has been popular among youth in the Philippines and is a symbol of pride as it also traces back to ancestors (standing for courage and balance). The other tattoos along her shoulders were made prior to colonisation and belong to the Kalinga tribe. 
Maricela's top consists of a pink Filipino Kimona, a traditional blouse. The skirt features a Filipino textile pattern.
Her accessories include the star necklace, also similar to the stars on the flag. The pearl rosary bracelet stands for Philippines' nickname as the "Pearl of the Orient". It also represents the Catholic majority and religious dedication of Filipinos due to the cross on the said bracelet. The anklet features a popular handmade bracelet style in PH. The largest necklace out of her accessories is a Tambourine necklace which has been part of Philippines' culture since the Spanish colonial era and it represents her Spanish background.

Faceclaim is Charo Ronquillo
[ body + facial appearance can be found in the guides linked at the top of the description ]

history of the Philippines ;; timeline
headcanons about maricela ;;
fun facts about the Philippines ;;
  • TBA
*history, headcanons and fun facts are in links ( because it took up too much space on this description. Now it may be read following the directory above ^ 
I encourage you to browse over them, though friendly reminder that I don't take credit for these lovely write-ups considering I adopted this OC. Happy reading !

international relations ;;
(Small summaries - These are the main relations - If you would like some in depth I can tell you more information
Alphabetical per continent!) 

| Asia-Pacific |
AUSTRALIA - Australia and Philippines get along well, with the former being the second largest provider of defense training to the latter. They've signed over agreements as well and their friendship traces back to World War Two when Australia helped liberate Philippines from Japan's control. They have had trading disputes before though, when in 2000 Australia wasn't sure about importing Philippines' bananas. In response, Philippines banned the importing of Australian beef. They have since improved relations from there, though Philippines hasn't agreed to Australian military occupation and it's currently uncertain if she will or not.

BRUNEI DARUSSALAM - Brunei and Philippines knew each other way before Spanish colonisation and were childhood friends - united under the Kingdom of Tondo. But then they got separated for the most of their lives thus far. However, their relations started up again and they have had many agreements signed between the two. The two often reminisce over the past together prior to Spain's arrival, regarding each other in a familial way. 

CHINA - China used to be a huge influence on the Philippines and Filipino culture before Spanish colonisation. They did trade with one another before then. However, during Spanish colonisation, Chinese pirates were a common threat to the archipelago and Philippines developed a dislike towards China because of them. In fact, Philippines assisted Spain in fighting them off and killing Chinese merchants as to prevent the threat of China taking over the Philippines. They established diplomatic relations in 1975, but lots of tension remains. They have disputes in relation to the Spratly Islands, but are slowly beginning to improve their relations with consultations and agreement signings.

EAST TIMOR - Philippines helped East Timor with gaining independence. The two have gotten well since, relating particularly well due to being the only Asian nations with a Catholic majority. Philippines has also been helping East Timor with military training and assisting in peace keeping missions.

HONG KONG - They engage in trade with one another, but recently, relations have been strained due to the hostage incident in which Hong Kong tourists were killed. Hong Kong was angry at the Philippines and listed her as a bad country for tourists to go to. They're slowly trying to patch things up.

INDIA - India and Philippines knew one another before Spanish colonisation and did trade with each other. There are Indian influences in Philippines' early culture, particularly in regards to literature and mythology. When both countries attained independence, they signed a Treaty of Friendship. In the 60th anniversary of Philippine-Indian relations, November 2009 was declared Philippines-India Friendship Month. Though oddly enough, in a BBC poll in 2006, 57% of Filipinos considered India a negative influence in the world due to the antipathy against migrant Indians in the Philippines.

IRAN - Iran and Philippines have only started getting along recently, having collaborated on contributing towards better understanding among nations through interfaith dialogue and co-operation. Many Iranians are living in the Philippines also.

ISRAEL - Philippines was the only Asian nation to vote for a partition resolution recommending a Jewish State in Palestine. Since then, Philippines and Israel have had good relations with one another.

JAPAN - Japan and Philippines' relations started out good, with the two getting along especially well during the Spanish colonisation period. However, that all turned incredibly sour during World War Two. Philippines felt hurt and developed hatred towards Japan that lasted even after she was freed from his control. His treatment of her was harsh and she was never going to forgive it easily. After World War Two, Japan worked hard to win back Philippines' friendship. He apologised a lot and has since become a key trade partner of the Philippines. However, they are still very awkward with another. They are friendlier now, but Philippines still feels somewhat of a resentment towards him when she remembers the past.

LAOS - Recently, the two had commemorated 55 years of friendly bilateral relations. They get along well and have recently set up the Philippines-Laos Business Council.

MALAYSIA -  Malaysia and Philippines have a history of close economic and political relations. They don't relate very well in terms of religion, but Malaysia has helped the Muslim insurgency in Mindanao. In a way, Malaysia is considered a relative of the Philippines due to being ethnically similar. However the two have had disputes over North Borneo, which suspended relations a few times. They've also bickered over claims of parts of the Spratly Islands.

NEW ZEALAND - Philippines and New Zealand get along fairly well, having fought alongside one another during the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the War on Terror. The NZ police are currently helping the Philippine National Police combat methamphetamine, as well as helping with their training.

NORTH KOREA - Relations were finally established between the two in 2000, but trade is non-existent between the two. They are slowly getting along better but overall they are awkward with one another, especially since Philippines has always supported South Korea more ever since the Korean War.

PAKISTAN - Pakistan and Philippines have been getting along well recently, having signed four agreements recently. Pakistan has also ensured Philippines full support in ending the old rebellion going on in the southern islands of Mindanao.

PALAU - Palau and Philippines got along well, but things became awkward when, due to economic reasons, Philippines planned to close her embassy within Palau. Palau's president said he was "extremely disheartened"; especially since he believed Filipino workers were a vital component to Palau's economy. Maritime borders have also yet to be settled between the two countries.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - In 2009, both countries entered a Memorandum of Understanding that would enhance their relations through fisheries. The Memorandum intends to facilitate technology transfer in aquaculture development, promotion of shipping ventures, investments, technical training, joint research and strategic complementation of each country's plans within the waters between Philippines, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands.

SOUTH KOREA - South Korea is one of Philippines' largest trading partners. They are very good friends nowadays, with Philippines having supported South Korea many times from the Korean War onwards. Korea also contributes a lot more to Philippines' tourist industry than any other country, also having many of his people move there. Philippines found it rather odd that he liked visiting her place so much, but she developed a fondness for Korean fashion, television and music in the process.

TAIWAN - Philippines recognises the One China Policy, but has relations with Taiwan. They do a lot of trade and tourism with one another. But in 2011, Philippines angered Taiwan by deporting 15 of her people back to China on the account of them being drug pushers. Taiwan demanded an apology and relations were strained. They're starting to get on a little better since the incident.

THAILAND - Thailand and Philippines get along well. Relations were established in 1949 and have strengthened since then. Thailand is one of Philippines' major trade partners and one of her main sources of rice.

VIETNAM - During the Cold War, relations were tense between the Philippines and Vietnam. But since then, their relations have improved and they're now economic allies. They are trying to find ways to turn the Spratly Island situation from conflict to co-operation. Vietnam was sometimes considered Philippines' only communist military ally, with the two carefully monitoring China in making sure he isn't a threat towards one another.

To be added: Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.

| Europe |
CROATIA - Croatia and Philippines have agreements in regards to culture and sports. This is to help pave the way for better interactions between the people of both countries.

DENMARK - Denmark and Philippines get on well, having strong maritime relations as well as Denmark being a significant ally in Philippines' renewable energy sources and wind energy. He's also loaned her money to help improve her environment and recover from losses due to floods, etc. There was some tension in 2006 however, when Filipino Muslims set fire to the Danish flag in protest to condemn the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy.

FRANCE - France permitted Philippine national hero Jose Rizal to live in France while he wrote novels 'Noli me Tangere' (famous for inspiring the Philippines Revolution) and 'El Filibusterismo'. These books were also inspired by the French author Alexandre Dumas. The Treaty of Amity established diplomatic relations between the two countries, with France sponsoring many fashion shows, film festivals, art exhibits, wine launches and concerts in the Philippines.

GREECE - Greece and Philippines get along okay, having trading and economic relations with one another. Many Filipinos live in Greece, making them one of Greece's largest foreign communities.

IRELAND - Ireland and Philippines began to interact when there was a flow of Irish catholic missionaries to the Philippines in the 1800s. However they actually only started diplomatic relations in 1984. But the catholic ties are so strong that Philippines has apparently been described as "a sort of Catholic Ireland located off the coast of Asia".

NETHERLANDS - He is one of Philippines' biggest trading partners within the EU and had a history of trade. However, they did not get along very well during the Eighty Years War, back when Netherlands attacked the Philippines as a tactic to take away some of Spain's forces.

ROMANIA - Relations between the two nations started in 1975 started when Philippines began to open relations with socialist countries more. They have made agreements with one another and celebrated three decades of diplomatic relations in 2002 with festivities in Bucharest and Manila.

RUSSIA - Philippines and Russia did not get along particularly well at first, particularly during the Cold War era. This was due to the fact that Philippines sided with America the entire time and joined in with speaking out against communism, even starting up SEATO to prevent the spread of communism. However, when Philippines began to open up more to socialist nations in the 1970s, Russia and Philippines began to get along better.

SPAIN - History between her and Spain is rather messy. Spain kept visiting when she just wanted him to go away. She decided to give him a chance to befriend her tribes, but he ended up making her one of his colonies. His treatment towards her was harsh and she developed a strong dislike towards him. She did fight alongside him at times, more because she felt forced to, rather than because she wanted to personally. She revolted against his rule often. Nonetheless, she still ended up adopting much of his culture, including his religion. In some ways, she was becoming more set-up as a nation thanks to Spain, but she wished for independence more. After she gained independence, she didn't interact with him as much for a long time. In recent times, her relations with Spain have improved. June 30th has been declared Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day, which is a clear sign that they get along much better now.

UNITED KINGDOM - England and Philippines did not start out with the best of relations. He occupied Manila for about three years and she spent most of that time revolting against him to prevent him spreading out over her land. However, he seemed to be quite supportive of her revolts against Spain. Still, she didn't particularly like either England or Spain being around, thus why she just kept revolting at the time. Nowadays they have good relations with one another, with England being one of the largest foreign investors in the Philippines.

To be added: Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Germany, Iceland, Italy (North & South), Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.

| The Americas |
BRAZIL - Brazil and Philippines have been signing agreements in the fields of bio-energy and agriculture. They get on fine, but they aren't close or anything. Though it is notable that Brazilian models are getting noticed in the Philippines.

CANADA - Philippines and Canada only met recently, within the last century. They get along pretty well, with Philippines being Canada's second largest agricultural-food export market in Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, she doesn't always notice him because she'd interacted far more with his brother America. Relations are positive overall.

MEXICO - The two shared a close bond during Spanish colonisation. Both related to one another a lot, especially with their religious ties and desire for independence from Spain. The Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade was set up between the two so they saw each other regularly. Mexico also sent lots of money to the Philippines when they struggled to pay taxes and such to Spain. However, the Galleon Trade was broken up when Mexico declared independence from Spain. They didn't see a lot of each other after that, not until World War Two where Mexico assisted America and Australia in liberating Philippines from Japanese rule. Diplomatic ties were formalised in 1953 and 1964 was declared the year of Mexico-Filipino Friendship. They have many agreements with one another also.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Philippines started out thinking America was a cool person, who helped her out heaps with helping her gain independence from Spain. But quickly she has felt betrayed by him. Instead of granting her independence, America took over her country instead. This angered her lots – she had worked so hard to gain independence from Spain, that America taking it from her again was a huge insult to her. Naturally, she revolted against him too, leading to the Philippine-American War. America was quite brutal to her during the war and she ended up having to surrender to him. This war wasn't something that America remembers well, but it would forever be significant to Philippines, who gets very patriotic when thinking about it. After the war, interactions with him afterwards were rather tense and awkward. But slowly, the two began to warm to her and America was beginning to understand her point of view a little more. They became friends and America promised her that she would get her independence. She found that through spending time with him, she developed some of his cultural influence the same way she was influenced by Spain in the past. America and Philippines are now very good friends; though she doesn't always trust him (he really did flounder and take his time with granting that independence for her). They have fought alongside each other a lot – World War One and Two, the Korean War, Vietnam War, etc. Filipino-American Friendship Day is celebrated on July 4th, coinciding with America's Independence Day.

To be added: Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Peru, Venezuela.


:bulletblue:This will be updated with further information on personality, foreign relations and history.:bulletblue:

Philippines OC / Maricela Lualhati de los Santos belongs to :iconmelondramatics: & :iconkamillyanna:
Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
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