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Hexagonal pattern for Gimp

I couldn't find anywhere a hexagonal pattern for gimp so i made it myself. There is one thing though - the net pattern (the one on the left in preview) is somehow transparent, just a little, why - who the hell knows :). If you find it useful please leave a comment and if you use it in your work please mention my humble person in your great, monumental or even epic artwork.

PS. Here's demonstration what can you do with it
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Thanks great😁😍🤩

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I have a gimp question kind of about your pattern, is there a way that you can change the color of the hexagons? i was messin around trying to come up with a hex pattern that i could bucket fill with any color i wanted. so say i wanted flo green hex's framed over a back ground . i could easily do it and then change it to flo red outlined hex's if i wanted?  i have made scan lines and created tons of seamless patterns for gimp but i couldnt find anything on making a seamless hex pattern that would lay the hex in different colors. and finally i am not a graphics artist or any kind of an artist but is there a name they give to  the wallpapers that have hexagons and stuff like that on them? is it a certain style?
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As far as I know there is no way to do that. There is a script that fills selection with hexagon
but it only allows to pick one color for whole selection.
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ok great thanks i guess i do not feel stupid any longer for not being able to figure out how to do it then lol what i do now is i took a hex texture and selected the centers of it and then cut it out and that left the frame between hex's then i made that a alpha and that way i can select the white frames and color them what ever i want. it works but its time consuming for what i do there is a lot of resizing to get it to look right. anyway thanks a million
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I will make sure to give you credit
Thank you very much for sharing!
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looks tech looking ty 
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Fantastic pattern. Thank you! 
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I'll definately use them, thank you! :)
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I've found this grid is useful to add a nice 'scifi' effect on clothing.

As seen here:…
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This is awesome! Thanks!
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symetric orders can be very relaxing especially when using harmonic colours. good job Melomonster!
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hi, it says its damaged :(
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Are you using this pattern on gimp or photoshop? It's designed to work on gimp.
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yeah photoshop :( so i´ll find another one:)
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that would probably be the best thing to do
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Thank you so much! This was so helpful!! I'm using it in a youtube background. Once I finish it, i'll upload it here so you can see! :D
mm Thank U so much !
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Hey, I made something with these you might find amusing.

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