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:icongamebunny: asked me how I colour shiny hair (wait it's anything shiny, but I'll just do hair and eyes). So here are the steps of how I do it.Gift: I look like daddy now mommy! by Melomiku

1. Colour the hair in one normal shade (not too dark nor light).
-Colour the hair in one shade ONLY. You shade it in later once all of your characters have all their hair coloured.
-You can leave some parts white for shiny hair. 

2. Shade in the hair with the same pencil crayon you used. 
-Press harder (not too hard that it breaks) to shade the hair. Where you shade depends on how low the hair shine is. I colour it around from halfway to a third from the hair shine to the non shiny part (yeah it sounds confusing, but once you see my art you'll get it). 
-You can shade in corners of the hair also

3. Shade in the hair with something close to your original pencil crayon. (Another step!)
-I also shade in hair with a similar colour. For example, since I shaded in the hair yellow, I shade it in with like an orange-yellow. It has to be beside each other in the colour pallette (yellow, green, blue, etc.)
-Do not mix colours that aren't, like mixing red and blue, green and orange, yellow and blue, etc. Make sure the colours are beside each other in the colour wheel. Like blue-green and blue. They have to be mixed also (blue-green)

4. Shade in with the darkest colour of your pencil crayon. 
-For blue hair, I use navy blue, depending on how dark the blue you used. Yellow hair is gold, and green hair is dark green and so on.

Eyes Only anime eyes!!

1. When drawing the eye, draw white spots on the eye, or spots atrached to the border of the eye (look at my drawings, you'll see what I mean).
-This makes the eye shiny, and looks like it reflects light. 

2. Colour in an oval in the middle of the eye.
-This marks where you should stop colouring. You stop around the middle of the oval. Usually the ovals are medium sized.

3. Colour with the darkest shade. 
-Colouring with the darkest shade shows shading. How much you put in depends on the lighting. 
-Stop at half of the oval (must colour over the top half).

4.Colour with the medium shade, until you colour to light.
-Make sure that when you colour the eye after the dark shade, colour it so that it leaves kind of like a smile. 
-Make sure there's a white space in the middle of it, so it looks like a border
-Colour continuing down the eye.

And that's it! Try practising on a piece of paper. Yes this is for traditional,  but I think it'll work out for digital art too.

Mel out!
GameBunny Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks! I'll try it out soonn! ^^
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October 21, 2014


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