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You don't need a ghost to lift your spirits up by Melomiku You don't need a ghost to lift your spirits up by Melomiku
Before I describe this, I made this little story.

Bellany was alone sitting on the grass talking to her bird Bluki. "I wish I just had one friend, but everyone bullies me." she said, trying to hold in tears. "I have no family either, just you." Just then, a girl and a boy with lavender hair looked over her. Bellany felt the presence of people near her and looked up at them. She cried " NO! Please! Don't hurt me!" and protected herself by using her telekinesis to lift up the small piece of bark on the ground. "Baba...she's just like you!" the lavender girl said with a sense of interest in her voice. Baba, the lavender boy, lifted up the piece of bark and put it down. Bellany looked at Baba a little shyly "You're psychic too?" Baba nodded, and started to feel warm at the sight of seeing her (wink wink). The lavender girl looked at Bellany with somewhat caring eyes. "Hey what's your name?" Bellany finally stood up and said "I'm Bellany, and this is Bluki, my pet bird." Bluki flew around Baba and the girl and came back to Bellany to rest. "And you?" "I'm Bellbo, and I think you already know that this is Baba." Bellany stuck out her hand to Bellbo. "Nice to meet you!" and shook her hand. She passed her hand to Baba. He took her hand on his own. 'She's like me?' he thought. "Yep I am! And I can read minds too!" Bellany said cheerfully. "Oh and could you um.. please let go of my hand?" she said shyly. Baba noticed that he still hasn't let go yet. He let go, backed away and blushed bright red, embarrassed. Bellbo, rolling her eyes playfully, said "Hey, I heard you don't have a family, so, do you want to join us? We have Bistre, my best friend, Burner, who has these cool fire powers, and me and Baba." Bellany, with a huge smile, said "Yes! I would love to meet your family! They seem pretty interesting to me!" Bellbo smiled "Yes, you could say we have...

...An Unlikely Family."

This is for Kazuna Pikachu and I wanted to give her a drawing, so here ya go! Stay awesome, and never stop.💟


Bellany can't direct her telekinesis well with her mind, so she directs it through her hand. I don't know what Baba's clothes look like so I made them up (I also put some blush and a flower in his hand if get the drift :squee:) I did the same art process like my teen Bellany, when I draw first, take a picture, and colour it with my Samsung Galaxy Note tablet.

Bellbo and Baba belongs to Kazuna Pikachu
Bellany and Bluki belongs to me.

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Dragonair-Chan Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
D'aww, very cute and it's great for Bellany to have friends now >u<
Melomiku Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks! When I thought of the title I was thinking: Mel, what have you done with yourself?
KazunaPikachu Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooohmy you have such a cute PPG styleeee~! :iconblushplz:

Awwww noooo poor Bellany! ;A; Her story is quite similar to my twins'-- being outcasted because of their abilities and strangeness :saddummy: I like your story too with how she and my twins met-- it's really cute bawww~ Baba's blushy face bwaha i cannt lkdfkjlwaj

Thank you so much for drawing this!! You drew the twins so accurately hnnngh it makes meh happy <33 Very awesome work!! I can see how much effort you put into this, and it really pays off~! I love it! KEEP IT UPPP! :happybounce:

PS: A way to alert someone you made art for them is by typing this --> : icon dAusername :
except without the spaces :meow:

So, for example, without the spaces I can get YOUR attention like so~

:iconmelomiku: -> to get this, you type in : iconmelomiku :
Melomiku -> to get this, you type in : devmelomiku :
(just delete the spaces)

Hope this helps~:iconlaughingplz:
Melomiku Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Student General Artist
It helps SOOO much! Thank you! I hope you continue doing great art (I don't know how many times I said that) :meow: .
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August 20, 2014
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