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Yamaki the Yamaha elec. Piano by Melomiku Yamaki the Yamaha elec. Piano by Melomiku
Got the idea from AmberStormNeko :iconheplz:


Name: Yamaki Denki
Age: 17
Height: 5”8 (my height lol)
Eye colour: Gray
Hair colour: Piano keys (aka black and white, but only to the right side of his head)
Personality: Calm and intelligent. Also very sweet, if you get to his good side. He’s usually blunt and straightforward.
Clothing: Piano long coat with a circuit board scarf. Clothing on the inside varies. He has round glasses and needs them for reading.
Preferred clothing colours: Black and white, or black/white with a little splash of colour. Also wears traditional Japanese clothing for festivals.

Yamaki moved to America to seek new opportunities along with his family. Once he stepped onto school grounds, he didn’t know that there was an ANIME club. Once one of the female members saw him, she immediately reported the other members that there was a Japanese student. All the female members were excited and approached him. Yamaki, being shocked by the girls’ greeting, said “I’m not your senpai!” Two reasons:

1. The girls acted like the ones in animes and Japanese highschool dramas (and in his old high school in Japan), how they would group in on a senpai and try to make him notice them.

2. He just wanted to say that because the girls were starting to annoy him and he wished they didn't understand what he was saying and leave him alone.

The girls, of course, knew what he said and quickly apologized. But actually, when they went back to their anime group, they were plotting on how to get him to notice them. Heck, they even do photo operations and studied Japanese just to get closer.

Yamaki still has to make friends, but with him being almost blind when he loses his glasses, having a strange accent and bringing a music box everyday doesn’t really attract attention to others, in the good kind of way. He isn’t being bullied though, but people refer to him as “Foreign”.

He never tells anyone on why he got his glasses. What happened was that in the past he… had an alcoholic father. One day, he was playing with his toys as a kid, his father told him to put his toys away and go to sleep, even though it was clearly morning. Yamaki responded by telling him that it was morning, but his father thought he was rebelling. He hit him hard at the back of his head with a bottle and his mother came in to help her son up. She ran away, along with Yamaki, holding something she was working on: a music box. They stayed at Yamaki’s aunt’s place for the night and to finally call the police on Yamaki’s father. Yamaki cried and rubbed his eyes and kept on telling his mother that he can’t see. She observed his eyes and saw that they have become slightly cloudy. He was nearly blind.
Some people thought it was a joke that they were Harry Potter glasses and wore them, but the result was a headache for whoever wore them (due to the odd view looking through them), because he seriously can’t see without them.

He likes to play on his electric piano. Sometimes, he would use it to practice or to really jam out with friends. How Yamaki got it was when he was little. He went around a musical instrument store with his aunt and uncle and spotted the Yamaha electric piano, in pretty coloured buttons that changed the sound. He immediately told his uncle that he wanted to play piano, and the piano he asked for was none other than the electric piano. He likes music that includes piano, and don't get me started on him being faster than Piano Tiles when you play Fur Elise (Creator’s note: I did not know how to play piano properly, as I only remembered to play St. Nicholas and Mary Had a Little Lamb when I was seven. Did not continue to take classes after that).

His mother now owns a well known music box shop and other musical trinkets. Sometimes, he would listen to some of the music boxes for fun or to make sure they sound right.


No, this is not a futuristic musical Harry Potter XD.

I had this old Yamaha elec. Piano for a super long time and I never used it again since it doesn't work anymore. But for the time being, why not personify it?

I had trouble fixing the colours on my photo editor app which made his sweater orange instead of brown. The scarf is also a very light green so it wasn't in the best colour. What wasn't the photo editor app's fault (okay, for the colour again partially, the hand is brighter than the other one) was the hand to the left of the picture, because I made another anatomy mistake alrnsinfrj why.

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AmberStormNeko Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I just reeaaallly like this IDK, its just so niceee, the shoes, the treble clef, his haaaiirrrrrr
Melomiku Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2016  Student General Artist
Haha thanks! I'm working on a new style ofdrawing wrinkles for a while~. And drawing his piano hair was fun XD.

I also saw on your description of the personified drawing of Lucina the viola, and I thought your idea of making stories with the personified instruments would be super cool! I dunno, I see Yamaki as a senpai at a school, because of his looks :icondignitylaughplz:.
AmberStormNeko Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(Excuse my long reply time >.<)
You're welcome!~ Yes, the piano colors everywhere look quite sugoi x3 

Oh, the story idea? Yeah yeah, it would be amazing if we as a small community (my friends and your friends I guess?) could make the fanfic? Like small stories with a central plot. I'd be honored to make the first as an example, I'll try to include as many characters as I can, but we only have 4 right now! :D And yes, Yamaki can be a sempai :P 
Melomiku Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2016  Student General Artist
Oh cool! I hope to see the story soon, and the characters too!
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