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Undertale-Wheyford the Spider by Melomiku Undertale-Wheyford the Spider by Melomiku
Undertale OC yee OwO

Edit!: Now there's information on him in Pacifist mode!
ANOTHER Edit!: There's information on him if you defeat Muffet but you spare Wheyford. Another update is the battle stats.
ANOTHER ANOTHER EDIT: Added his height, weight and voice!

Name: Wheyford
Age: Teenager to young adult
Gender: Male
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 150 lbs
Specie: Spider
Voice: Phil Lester-AmazingPhil (Youtuber)
-Helping others (more like serving others but he has his limits)
-Helping the spiders to make spider treats
-If someone he loves dies (*cough* MUFFET *cough*)
-When he does someone's demand incorrectly
-Burnt food
-Cold tea
Weapon: Spiders, tea cups, web and saucers

Extra info:

-Wheyford's name is supposed to be from the word "whey" which Muffet was eating with her curds in the poem "Little Miss Muffet" (don't think of it the other way please XD)
-His web has beautiful patterns and he sometimes sells them
-He wants to tell Muffet he likes her but he thinks he's too lowly of a servant to even try
-Reads whenever he's bored
-He wears gloves (the ones servants wear)
-He greets people with old sayings like "Godspeed" (a greeting people said in the 1500s) or "Hello fair gentleman/lady". Here, he says "Godspeed, m'lady" (Muffet just feels flattered hearing that pfft)

Pacifist mode:

You'll see Wheyford with the treats, even holding a tray full of cookies and croissants. When you talk to him, he'll talk about Muffet and then ask if you want to buy some decorative web for 300 gold. They serve as a "chestplate" for armour. If you talk to him again, he'll ask if you want some tea for 150 gold. His pose will change by putting away the tray behind his back and holds a cup of tea and saucer wih the top pair of hands and pouring tea from a teapot into a teacup on a saucer with the pair of hands below him.

Battle info: You can only battle him in Genocide mode after defeating Muffet. Once you do, you'll have this text come up with Wheyford appearing, looking at the flower placed on the ground by the spider.

"Lady Muffet! The croissants are ready!"
"Lady Muffet?"
"What's this for, little spider?"

The next frame shows the flower in Wheyford's hand. He then looks down sad. His words become shaky.

"L-lady Muffet...?"
"She's dead... I see."
"It looks like you're responsible little human child."
"Now, what was that rule again?"
"If a bad child does something wrong..."

Wheyford then looks up with a toothy grin showing his sharp fangs and his pose changes from just standing there with a flower in his hand looking down to his main arms crossing and holding saucers, the next pair of arms are in a normal position holding teacups and the bottom pair of arms are like in the position as you see above except there is web on it with spiders hanging down. His speech then slows down.


HP: 200
Attack: 10
Defence: 13
Gold: 120
Exp: 400

Attacks during battle:

Wheyford has a sign like Muffet's sign when battling her. It shows the different attacks he does.

-Warning signs will show where the saucers will appear. They come out flat but they're thick enough to hit you. They're also pretty fast.
-Four teacups are shown above and they pour out hot tea. One space will only be provided as safety from the tea.
-Spiders will be going across the grid with web behind them. First going diagonally from the bottom left to top right then top left to bottom right.
-A teacup or a plate will fall and break. The pieces go flying around and you'd have to dodge them.

Once you defeat Wheyford, he'll fall to his knees and his arms are to his sides. He'll look up while talking to you.

"Oh, it seems that you've defeated me little child..."
"I guess this is the end for me, isn't it?"
"You know, I wanted to tell Lady Muffet something."
"It was going to make me feel better."
"Or it wouldn't, depending if she actually does accept it."
"But... since Lady Muffet is dead..."
"I thought it was too late."
"I should've told her how I felt sooner."

Tears start to fall from his face.

"Now I can finally meet her in the afterlife, hm?"
"I can try again and tell her..."
"My Lady Muffet... I'm coming home."

As he disappears into dust, a spider puts down a flower for him, right beside Muffet's flower.

Neutral path:

IF you decide on sparing him, he talks in the overworld instead of during battle.

"What? What was that for?"
"Why are you sparing me? Is my life more precious than Lady Muffet's?"

Two choices appear and they say "Yes" and "*shrugs*" They both have the same response from Wheyford though if you choose either one of them.

"I see... but that's not true. Lady Muffet is much more special. May I have one favour?"
"May I come to the world above?"

Your only answer is "Yes" here, since you've spared him.

"Thank you human child."

Once you finish the game and the credits roll, you'll see Wheyford carry a jar of dust and a flower. He'll open the jar and release the dust. The dust then flies through the wind, along with the tiny flower.

Wheyford the Spider belongs to me.
Muffet and Undertale is by Toby Fox.

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MotoNeko Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2016
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Melomiku Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2016  Student General Artist
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MotoNeko Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2016
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GraceFireHearth Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015  Hobbyist
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Melomiku Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015  Student General Artist
I love fancy people you have no idea :'D
Lol it kinda does XD
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