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Takimori's Fear of Changing by Melomiku Takimori's Fear of Changing by Melomiku
"You're never going to get stronger. You're never going to get stronger without me. I'm much better than you think. We can be strong. Together." Then his eyes turned red and his finger tips dug into his scalp. Normal Taki tried fighting himself from turning into his blank state. When he woke up, he cried out in horror. Class was over.

Holy crap it's been two months since I've done digital art :'D.

I decided to do some more art including Takimori since he's probably the least drawn OC (besides Travis). I thought it would've been fun to draw him suffering in digital colours? XD

If you're confused about what I put in italics, here's the thing:

Takimori, as I mentioned earlier, has a kind of state that only happens to him when he's electricuted. The electricution awakens a part of his soul that makes his actions different. This is called his "blank state", because Takimori loses all his emotions (except for anger, but it comes rarely) and his attacks and physical preformance increase drastically. He can also feel no pain in this state.

This state is also a form of madness. This was spread from his partner Edlyn since she has madness too. This results to Takimori being a reckless killer to everyone except for his family and friends. His madness is kind of like Death the Kid's madness except Takimori protects his family and friends and he shows no emotion. To get Takimori out of his state he has to get electricuted again.

In the picture, Takimori is having a nightmare. He gets nightmares because his "blank state" part of his soul is awakened and manages to appear in Takimori's dreams. Here, his blank state is telling him he can get stronger by turning into his blank state. He tries to turn normal Takimori to his blank state in his dream by digging his fingers into his head and go to his soul. In the part when "his eyes turned red", I meant Takimori's blank state. Normal Takimori's eyes are slowly turning red because of his soul almost turning into his blank state. (And that was a lot of saying the words "blank state")

Takimori Suzuno belongs to me.

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December 12, 2015
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