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Stop following me...! by Melomiku Stop following me...! by Melomiku
Okay, so this is going to be a little story in Demeter's point of view.

After seeing the giant totem poles, a fair was being held. "Why not"? I asked myself. I had a lot of fun, there was a couple of food booths, and I went to one for a little snack. Then, I played in some games. There was a hoop toss, I was pretty okay at it though I didn't get a prize, a test your strength, which was to see if you can break a big tree down (and of course the queen won with one punch) and archery, which I won at. The prize was a stuffed duck. I'm assuming they shaved a sheep and killed a duck and kept the guts somewhere. I shrugged, since it was the only decent prize, also the only prize I got. 

A little deeper into the fair there was an attraction that every Dragonian of all ages loved, or so it said on the sign. A petting zoo! I walked in, taking out my notebook and writing down notes about the animals. There was a meganeura (a giant dragonfly), chameleons, mountain goats, wooly cows and chickens. The last one I went to was the bats. Inside the dark "cave" (it was just a carved out rock) were a ton of bats hanging about. One of them probably noticed me as it flew around my head and stared at me. I said a hello to the little guy and left the "cave". As I wrote down my observations, I hear a squeaking noise.

"Huh? Hello again little guy!" The same bat flew around my head again. I said goodbye, but the bat didn't give up. It rested on my head. I stopped writing and looked up. "Stop following me! It's not good for you to be in the sun like this." The bat whimpered. I sighed. "Alright. I'll stay here." It flew wildly around me and perched back onto my head again. Guess I made a new friend!

Tada! How Demeter met his soon-to-be pet!

Demeter belongs to me.

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August 7, 2015
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