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Soul Eater weapon OC by Melomiku Soul Eater weapon OC by Melomiku
Because he's new X3

Name: Travis MacKinder
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5"7
Species: Weapon (a chainsaw)
Partner: His girlfriend Candy (the one on the left):… (HA! I TOLD YOU SHE'LL GET A GOOD BOYFRIEND SOON OR MAYBE I DIDN'T TELL YOU IDK)
Classes: N/A yet

Hailing from Scotland, Travis was Takimori's best friend when they were younger. They would always go on adventures and play in the wilderness of the forest. Takimori would always get into situations and Travis was always there to help him in any way possible. People who were his neighbours always remembered their names by their infamous yet hilarious things they do. At school was a bit different.

Travis and Takimori were polite during classes. They knew their manners when talking to others and they raised up their hand if they wanted something, all that kind of stuff. During gym, they were total opposites. Travis wasn't scrawny like Takimori, he was a bit more built to do things. He can do excersises like push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups, while Takimori had trouble doing all of those things. Overall, Travis was always there for Takimori. Then disaster struck.

Like in Takimori's biography, there was a school bully. The two boys never gotten close to the bully, they tried to make themselves as small as possible, trying not to get any attention for he bully. One day, Travis tried standing up to the bully. Unfortunately, when you're seven, things aren't always going to go your way. Travis ended up upsetting the bully. That lead him to being beaten up. Then Takimori found a way to get rid of the bully by leading him to the teacher and getting the teacher's attention that he was about to get beat up. Travis was terribly bruised and was bleeding a lot. When he got to the hospital, he was unconcious for a while.

Once the doctor came to check on him, he noticed the tube for his arm came off. He lifted up the blanket to see Travis's right arm become a chainsaw. Shocked and terrified, the doctor called up his parents. He told them that their son has turned into a weapon. Knowing the rules, they had to evacuate Scotland because weapons weren't allowed (and I'm saying this so that the plot works okay?). Travis overheard their conversation and didn't like the fact that he was moving because he was a weapon. Takimori's parents were told also. To keep Takimori safe, they thought that not telling Travis was a weapon would be the best thing to do. So instead, when Travis left the hospital and moved out of Scotland, Takimori's parents told Taki Travis was dead.

Years later, Takimori's parents were busy working on a movie, along with Travis in the US. Travis played the main character. As they went around the world, the last place they visited was the DWMA. That's where he met the others and Takimori, after 10 years of one greiving over a friend, and another being a star of a movie.

Travis's appearance is varied, but his main outfits are:
a red hoodie and jeans
plaid polos and black jeans
videogame shirts and cargo shorts
All with a pair of black converses, plaid bracelet, and black bracelets: one big and one small

-playing the drums
-to be with his girlfriend
-dancing (shh it's a secret)

-being sad
-getting angry
-animals being dissected (yeah Stein get rekt)

-His chainsaw has spikes on the handle
-He holds his chainsaw like a real one. Since his arm turns into a chainsaw, he holds it with the other hand.
-He eats pizza with a fork and a knife
-He and his girlfriend have a long distance relationship
-Can make explosives
-The only weapon that can use Soul Force


He was part of a RP me and GraceFireHearth had. Travis would visit Takimori and the others for a movie and hanging out with them during classes. He's still deciding if he wants to stay ar the DWMA after the movie is finished.

Also I feel like my anime game is dying arrggghhh curse you eyes! :stare:

Travis MacKinder belongs to me.
Soul Eater belongs to Takuya Igarashi.

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