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Soul Eater partner OC by Melomiku Soul Eater partner OC by Melomiku
I wanted GraceFireHearth's OC Edlyn Avenell to have a partner since her OC can transform into a weapon. Sorry for the sloppy shading hehe ^^;.

Name: Takimori Suzuno
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 6 feet
Species: Human
Partner: Edlyn Avenell: SE - Edlyn Avenell (OC)
Classes: E.A.T, Cresent Moon

Takimori was born and raised in Scotland so he either speaks Japanese from his parents, Scottish Gaelic or English (he actually speaks more English than Scottish Gaelic and Japanese lol). He grew up as a single child along with his mother and father. His mother is a meister and his father is a weapon. His mother's job is a director for movies and his father is a stunt guy for movies. He got his mother's looks; the blue eye, red hair and being a meister. But he has his father's personality and looks; the green eye, his kind and tolerance-to-blood-and-gore attitude, his slight impulsive actions and is brutally honest. When he was born his parents were worried about that Takimori had heterochromia, thinking it was a sickness, but they were told it happens rarely and it wasn't a disease or sickness, so his parents laughed and smiled at their child's blue and green eye(s).

Growing up was, you can say "more or less great" for Takimori. He was known at school as the gentle and skinny kid who knew how to play the guitar and couldn't do much in gym. He got good grades in most of his other subjects, except for gym. He could run, but he couldn't lift weights, like 10 pounds, do a push-up, a sit up, can't lift his body above the bar when doing pull-ups, can barely punch or kick, jump high, and he can't do sports at all. But everything changed when the new bully came.
The bully would pick on everyone. The girls were either harassed or have rumors spread about them even though they weren't real. The boys were beaten up when the teachers weren't looking. Eventually, one of Takimori's friends were being beaten up. He didn't know what to do. He panicked in place for a while until he came up with a plan. Takimori yelled and said that he would tell on the bully. It distracted him and went to chase Takimori. He ran away and when he got to the teacher, the bully grabbed him. After that, he screamed to get the teacher's attention. Eventually, the bully was expelled. Takimori wanted to see his friend, but he was taken over to the ambulance. When it was time to visit, Takimori was too late.

His friend died.

Takimori couldn't believe that he was so stupid that he just stood there, letting his friend get beaten even worse the more Takimori had to think. Takimori thought that in order to protect his friends and family, he'll get stronger. He tried his hardest lifting weights, did 100 push-ups and sit-ups everyday, ran around his house 20 times, and asked his dad to help him pratice punching and kicking. When he went into the intermediate grades (Grade 7 or 8), he was built to beat anyone in his way (and knew how to play the electric guitar). He wouldn't care if he's in pain. As long as you're protected, he's happy.

His appearance is a white polo shirt with a long tail vest on top he likes to pretend he's fancy lol. He wears a green striped tie with matching pants chains (I have no idea what it's called) and tan pants. Takimori uses any hair tie to keep his hair up. The boots have aluminum metal for the soles and the toes and an aluminum "X" as laces. He also wears black combat gloves.

-playing the electric guitar
-practising with weapons

-Anyone who dares to make him angry
-People trying to put up a fight with him (waste of his time since they're down in less than a minute)
-unfinished homework
-messy places

-Lives in Scotland and he has a bit of a Scottish accent
-Has heterochromia, one eye is blue and the other is green
-Always has combat gloves on
-People keep a distance away behind Takimori so that they don't step on the tail of his vest
-Takimori has always wanted to start a band

That's it for Takimori!

Soul Eater- Takuya Igarashi

GraceFireHearth Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Hobbyist
Blair Kawaii ( Soul Eater ) Look at him! He's so cute!
Melomiku Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Student General Artist
Ahh thank you! I hope Edlyn would be his friend! ADJ - Himawari Happy 
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