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.:SE OC:. Cassasndra Roulliette by Melomiku .:SE OC:. Cassasndra Roulliette by Melomiku
Adopted this character:…

Name: Cassandra "Cobra" Roulliette
Age: (in the picture) very late 20s to early 30s, so around 27-34 years old
Background: French (father) and Chinese (mother)
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Red
Meister/Weapon: Weapon-chain whip with a barbed, poison spike at the tip

Introducing Paige's strict, spoiled aunt. Paige's mother, Candy (full name is Candace), is her cousin. Candy and Cassandra are competitive, although it was mostly Cassandra who was the most competitive. However, despite competing with Candy for whoever was the better rich girl, Candy was always on top with no effort and didn't ever want to compete with Cassandra in the first place, and only wanted to be friends, or better yet, not bother her at all. Cassandra was taught by her mother and father how to use herself, the chain whip. Her mother had taught her and used her when Cassandra was in her weapon forme.

Growing up, Cassandra was taught to be on top of everything and that the business was more important. Their business was just like Candy's, a fashion company, but dealt more with accessories such as bags, shoes, and jewellery. Cassandra was taught under discipline and took it in her favour, thinking that being a perfect girl who got everything will make her better than Candy, and try to prove that she is the better businesswoman. When Paige was born, Cassandra had no husband therefore no children. So when Paige was a child and was revealed she was a meister, that gave Cassandra the opportunity to have Paige be tutored under her wing, and maybe get her to use her as a weapon.

Candy, although skeptical, let Paige meet Cassandra and let her stay for a while before leaving for a business trip. Paige was around 13 at the time. She didn't really like her aunt very much due to the rather strict discipline and treated her more like a servant rather than a reliable meister. When Paige had enough and one day said she didn't want to train with Cassandra, Cassandra threw a fit and told Paige she was never going to be a good meister with that attitude. Paige fought back saying she wasn't going to be a good weapon partner with her attitude. Enraged by Paige who dared to talk back at her, she literally dragged Paige by the hair to her room where she stayed, and her room had two body guards that guarded the inside and outside of her room. Let me remind you that Paige used to have cancer and now has a prosthetic leg, yet her aunt still didn't care.

Eventually Candy came back and Paige was sent back home, where Paige told Candy about Cassandra's poor treatment of her. From that day on, Paige has never been close to her aunt and never really talked to her after that.


Cassandra spawns her weapon through her tattoo, before when she was younger it would emerge from her back. When the spike has penetrated through flesh, it ejects poison at Cassandra's will. Since it's barbed, it sticks into the skin and when pulled, Casandra can pull out a chunk of the flesh or object.

Cassandra also has a list of commands, which are grapple, stab and melt.

Grapple-Cassandra can transform the spike into a grappling hook to clutch and hang onto objects.
Stab-Cassandra can transform the spike to a longer, slicker spike without the barbs so it can stab through objects easily, then turn it back to the barbed spike so it will hook inside.
Melt-Cassandra has the ability to eject acid from the tip of the spike, and is able to melt objects. She only has a limited amount and needs to regenerate the acid when she runs out.


I had this adopt for so long and didn't know what to do with them until now LOL. I knew she was going to be a rival of Candy's but I ddin't know shere to go with her until I finally thought up of something now since Paige was born XD.

Cassandra Roulliette belongs to me.

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