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REVOLUTION! by Melomiku REVOLUTION! by Melomiku
Blaze's point of view (note that this is 2 years later)

I sat there in the middle of the small bar, drinking sake to drown out my sorrows. I've lost my livestock, my pride, and money. My clothes were dirty so I had to wear my armour, a gift my father and mother made for me. It's a little heavy, plus the sword, and hot, but I seemed to grow to like the armour. I have a brother in my family too. His name is Bright, smart, cunning and modest (A little modest, though, he is still a young boy). He wasn't as up to fighting like me yet. He does practice with a sword, but he was more into science and learning. I took a large gulp of sake. I sighed heavily. What can I do? All the poor families are being stripped of money including me because of that wretched queen. Why was she the queen?! A sixteen-year old is ruling the country. She's so naive when it comes to these things. Speaking of queen, I heard some people softly talking about her.

"Have you heard the news, Joe?" A young man, maybe in his late 20s, with brunette hair was talking to another with black hair.
"Hm? No, I haven't Henry, why? What happened?"
"The queen! She has destroyed our neighbouring country!"
"You mean the green country? Why would she do that?"
"The queen was jealous of one of the residents there. The resident there was also invited to the party. Apparently, she was engaged the same day! The prince that was going to be engaged to the queen decided to break off with the engagement with her!"
"And married the green girl?"
"Precisely! That seemed to trigger the young queen's feelings. Days after that, the queen told her army to destroy every green one there!"
"Ah! Such a young and wretched queen! We should do something!"
"Aye, but how! Who will lead us?"

"Me." I exclaimed. The whole bar put their attention on me. I looked around if I got everyone's attention. "We cannot stand here and do nothing anymore! The queen can't keep hoarding all we have. Shall we continue with this? Shall we watch as our friends of the green die? What a spoiled princess! So dark, so heartless! Stand your ground men! Women, keep the children safe. We are going to start a RETRIBUTION! THE QUEEN CANNOT HOLD US DOWN ANYMORE! IT'S TIME WE SAY OUR WORD!

The crowd around me roared. It's time queen Bellbo.

It's time to take you out.

Sorry for REEEAAALLLYYYY short story. Doing this during class AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what is life \\SHOT

And background. Yeah, I wish I did better.

Blaze belongs to NanakoBlaze

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NanakoBlaze Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:heart: love the story and the outfit for Blaze !
Melomiku Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Student General Artist
Aaahhh you're welcome!
User-2018225d Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice idea. I'm loving her pose as well as the fists in the back. 
Melomiku Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015  Student General Artist
Thank you! This is part of a Story of Evil series I'm doing with friend's OCs. Don't worry, I was allowed to used them first before making the series. It's almost coming to a closure.
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