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Put me down please! by Melomiku Put me down please! by Melomiku
Story time!

Bellany and Baba are waiting at the park for Bellbo to come back from her errands with Bukku tagging along with her to help.

Bellany: Isn't it such a nice day? I haven't been outside to relax in a while!
Baba: ...I'd rather be under a tree.
Bellany: Eh... but Bellbo told us to stay here.
Baba: My eyes are sensitive to light, so I need shade. 
Bellany: Oh really? Hm, haven't heard that from your sister. How would I help?
Baba: Hm...*uses telekinesis to lift up Bellany* Hehe, you make a good shade.
Bellany: H-HEY! You shouldn't be using your powers in public. *looks around* Well, if there was anybody near us. But still, I could've gotten you a hat or something! 
Baba: Hey, you do make a good shade remember? *looks up and smiles* 
Bellany: Ugghhhhh, okay okay. 

A while later~

Bellbo: Hey... what happened here?
Bellany: I'm apparently Baba's beach umbrella.
Bukku: *looks at Baba* Why-
Baba: *points at self* Eyes *points at the sun* light
Bukku: But you could've went under-
Bellany: Let it go Bukku.

My first time drawing Reboot style! I'm actually really liking this style, though I don't like doing lineless art a lot. Also, lazy story is lazy lol.

Baba belongs to KazunaPikachu
Bellany belongs to me.

KazunaPikachu Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Nawwwww, this is so cute! :la: I really like your reboot style~ You've improved quite a bit from the last time I saw your art! *^*

Haha, you've done your research, haven't you;; that makes me happyyyy <33 Baba is such a smooth troll sometimes-- that's mah boi :iconheplz: Also, I really, really like their expressions here! They're absolutely perfect nnngh look at my bbyyyy :iconblushplz:

I think this might be the first time someone drew alive!Baba in reboot kldjfwa gah you drew him so well :iconrazycryplz:

They both have such cute outfits and I really like those effects/the humour in this story! Thank you so much for drawing this;; it looks really good and it makes me happy! :happybounce:
Melomiku Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015  Student General Artist
You're welcome! The only research I've done though was take Baba's quiz lol :XD: 

Haha I'm better at making stories with alive Baba than ghost Baba too. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I have no idea how to put ghost actions in a story! onion sad   
The clothes didn't seem too hard to create, I just thought of his usual clothing and made it a bit more school like. 

Too bad for Bellany, she's going to be shade until they get home. Psyco 

I'm happy it makes you happy to see this! Especially that this is my first reboot drawing!
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