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Pokepals of Melomiku: Years Ago by Melomiku Pokepals of Melomiku: Years Ago by Melomiku
It took me a while.

A loooong while actually, to get me to this place where I am now.

As you can see, I'm not an ordinary Meloetta. Time and time again I keep remembering that day when I was abandoned by other Meloettas. And yes, there's more than one, because I'm pretty sure that the usual forme of Meloettas don't look like me, therefore there can't quite be one if I exist. (Just to clear up a statement)

I grew up with a very small group of them, probably the only ones around the area of Unova. My shape and form was unlike any of the Meloettas have seen. I had pigtails as my "hair", as well as the fact that my feet were not pointed and the dress wasn't attached to my body, instead I had different coloured (as in black and white) patches on my body: some on my head, chest and lower, neck and arms were black, while my face and legs were white. Not to mention that I had a different voice tone compared to the other Meloettas, where I was a tad higher. They all found me as an outcast, letting me try to live alone instead of with the group. There was one Meloetta who trusted me, but they were loyal to the group so unfortunately they left me all alone.

It got me panicking as I didn't know how to survive and I didn't know my move set yet. I kept wandering throughout Unova's cities invisible (because of the fact that I'm a mythical Pokémon, I have the ability to do so. (Creator's note: Search it up on Bulbapedia), and in the wild where there was no human contact, I made myself visible. In forests, I would go picking for Berries to eat as hunting for other Pokémon meat wasn't a diet I wanted to go for. I soon came across a large tree upon a hill and decided to settle there along with my pile of Berries I collected.

The next morning, I reached out to the pile of Berries I wanted to eat for breakfast, but to my dismay I found out that there was barely any left. I then heard a chewing noise from the other side of the tree. Getting up and floating around to the other side, an Oshawott with quite a lot of fur on its head was eating them. Enraged, I yelled at the Pokémon to let go of my food, or else. The Oshawott just stared at me for a while, then back at the Pecha Berry he was eating, then picked up a Berry from the pile he stole, handing me a Rawst Berry. Surprised by his gratitude, I took the Berry and ate silently. The two of us were silent before the Oshawott spoke up, asking what I was doing here. After telling my story about being outcasted and wandering through Unova, the Oshawott told his story, telling that he lived with Trainers, doing a few battles here and there, hoping that he could evolve. Both of us found our stories quite intriguing, and we became close friends, always meeting at the tree on the hill.

There, I learned my three attacks, Dazzling Gleam, Hyper Voice and Psychic, from weeks of training with the Oshawott. I didn't know about Relic Song until just recently, so I stayed in my Aria forme for a while.

From training, to finding and sharing more Berries and food, even getting to eat a Casteliacone (it was just ice cream from Castelia city and plopped onto a waffle cone) and just mere chit-chat, us two became close, and I seemed to have developed a crush on the Oshawott. I would always try to hide my feelings as I thought he wouldn't have felt the same either way since he has spent more time with his Trainers than me. I always stayed as a supporting friend towards him. That was, until one day.

Us two just finished training for the day and we took our rest under the tree. What I didn't know was that the Oshawott woke up much earlier than me. He heard his Trainers call him from their car, as they were all going to have to move from their former residence. The Oshawott, not having enough time to wake me up and say his farewell, got up from the spot he slept in and left me under the tree. I woke up, opening my eyes to see that Oshawott wasn't sleeping beside me. I searched frantically around the tree, even floating up to check the branches. He was gone. He always, always told me that he would leave, and whenever we fell asleep, he would wake me up and tell me he was leaving. I didn't even know where he lived either so I could check if he was home.

I cried my heart out, as I was lost and alone again, now losing someone I loved in secret. To my surprise, my crying was loud enough to bring the attention to two Trainers, a man and a woman. They looked down at me in pity, opening their arms to help me. At first, I was terrified, wondering if I left the tree, Oshawott wouldn't find me there. Of course, I couldn't bring down the help since I couldn't find anymore Berries and winter was arriving. They brought me into their home, which was scattered with sheets, records displayed upon the wall, wires coming from electric pianos and guitars tangled on the floor and a few computers. I didn't have any clue what these were back then. I looked at everything, inspecting the details and odd-looking shapes they took in. The Trainers pronounced the names of the objects to me, and I nodded to the explaination they were given. They also seemed to really have a fondness to Meloetta, because they were inspired by their melodies and sang songs based off of them. The male and female Trainers anticipated my performance, but I was kinda shy since my voice was different. I sang a few notes, trying to sing the "Song of the Sunset", something I sang while sitting at the tree everytime in the evening. What shocked me was that the Trainers clapped their hands and praised me for my talent, which was the same talent that brought me down by other Meloettas. I smiled at them, and soon the musical training began. Oh, and the Trainers were not only just Trainers, but singers as well, mostly doing the pop genre.

I sang along with the Trainers and critiqued them for their pitch and rhythm. Sometimes, they even taught me how to speak English. Everyday after singing practice, they taught me simple greetings, then names, then actions, and so forth. Eventually (as in years later), I learned the English language, and now spoke fluently to the Trainers, who were proud of me. After that came Japanese--let's just say it was at least a million times harder in my opinion. Who knew Japanese characters can be difficult to learn, not to mention speaking in ANOTHER language besides English.

Now that I covered two languages, the singers helped me sing in each language, using poems and rhyming words to make songs. Growing and growing, I managed to make a few songs to my liking. I was also asked if I wanted to have some adjustments made to me from my coaches, which frightened me, only to reveal it was just a wardrobe change. I changed into something that was more human-like and also matched the shape of my body. They also modified the headphone I had to my head with a few peices of technology they had, which gave me a second headphone on the other side, glowing lights on the original headphone I had, and also a more professional looking microphone. That's how I got my outfit to this day, and more outfits come through by the minute.

And when I first got my clothes on, they gave me my new name: Melomiku.

Soon, I started performing in small places where there were only a few houses, and the news about a new singing Meloetta named Melomiku spread faster than putting Embers onto a Weezing's gas. I became a well known Pokémon popstar throughout Unova and began touring into other regions with my Trainers. I may have gone through some hardship, but in the end, I was able to pull through.

And that, everyone and Pokémon, is how an outcasted Meloetta became a Poképopstar known as Melomiku.

How I managed to meet up with Dewkaito in later years, that's another story to tell~.


The idea of Melomiku belongs to me (Meloetta belongs to Pokémon, Hatsune Miku belongs to Vocaloid)

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kathleen156 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are you almost done making your picture of Ichika that I asked you? I can't wait! XD
Melomiku Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2017  Student General Artist
Yeah, just need to colour it in!
kathleen156 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay! I can't wait to see it!
AmberStormNeko Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my gawd you're writing stories again!!! Hold on but I shall read this when I can yoooo 
Melomiku Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017  Student General Artist
Haha alright dude, do what you must~
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