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No other choice... by Melomiku No other choice... by Melomiku
Baba's POV

After Bistre's funeral, I saw that the townspeople were... different. The men were busy sharpening their pitchforks, women were nowhere to be seen, and children weren't playing on the pathway as usual. Most of the men scowled at me. Was it because there was genocide in the neighbouring country? I bet so, since I am the queen's brother. I wondered if this was going to get worse.

Suddenly, I saw a girl in red battle armour walking around, checking on the townspeople. I wasn't sure about her expression, it showed a face of rage but in a more-- subtle kind of way? Like passive aggression, but it didn't seem like it was towards the people. As she came closer to me, I hid in an alley to make sure she never saw me. She passed by and I snuck out of the alley. The walk from the village to the castle was gruelling since the men were muttering death threats to my sister under their breath. My stomach started to ache so I walked a faster pace to the castle.

"Baba! You've been away for a while, are you done with those errands?" Bellbo walked up to me excitedly. "Yes, some of them took some time, though I managed to get through them." I lied. If I told her I went to her funeral, she would throw me out of the castle. "Good. Anyways, Iit's time for a snack!" Bellbo looked at the grandfather clock as it read 3:00 in the afternoon. I bowed and went to the kitchen as Bellbo left for the terrace where she eats.

As I got back, Bellbo was fanning herself until she saw me with the food. She clapped her hands and smiled as I set the food down."It's brioche!" Bellbo took a fork and knife and cut it. She then put butter on the brioche and ate it. She gave a face full of satisfaction. "As usual, this is delicious!" She gave a small laugh and smiled. I smiled back, but when her eyes were on the food, I was worried. That smile wasn't going to stay for long, and I'm pretty sure the townspeople are going to be behind this.

When it was time for bed, we did the same routine, I wait until she's done changing, then I come inside. She was already lying on her bed. "Baba, could you come over here for a moment?" I walk over to her, taking the chair I sit on whenever Bellbo wants to talk to me. "Could you sing me a lullaby? The one mom always sings." I nodded.

"You are just too young to find the senses in your life, looking for, something else, like the dreams, that you have.
Fill your eyes wih somone else like teardrops in your eyes, who does care, what you are, while that river flows in you.

You are not the fool, no
You're a beautiful one,
You are like the sun 'cause this one river flows in you.

You are not the noone,
You just look for more here,
Who does care because you are the one with it inside..."

Bellbo's eyes started to slowly close. I kept on singing the two versus again until she was asleep. I made sure by holding onto her shoulder. No flinching. I waited for a couple more minutes until I was sure it was safe. I quietly took out a dagger. My other hand was holding up some of Bellbo's hair. I slightly tugged on it so Bellbo wouldn't wake up. I carefully sliced the hair so it looked like my hair. I took the excess and held it tightly in my hand. I tried to make the lightest footsteps out of Bellbo's room. I closed the door and went to my room.

I got a hair pin, a ribbon that was like Bellbo's ribbon, (she didn't use two anymore since she's grown out of pigtails), and some honey. I put some honey on the hair and the hair pin so hey stick together, and tied the ribbon into a bow. I checked it to see if it was alright. I pinned the hair onto the back of my head. I looked like her. I took it off and hid it in my drawer. I snuck into Bellbo's room again and opened her closet. I took one of her dresses and got out of her room again, closing the closet and the door. I hid the dress in my closet. I was ready. They will never hurt her.

Because I will always protect her.

Yes! Finally got a new part in for the Story of Evil! Surprisingly, this took a lot less time than I thought. If you guys are wondering what the song is, it's "River Flows in You" with lyrics.

I'm not good with back views yet ^^; and I needed a reference for a dagger. At least it looks like he's about to cut her hair. I bet you guys know what's going to happen, but I'll keep silent. :icondignitylaughplz:

Bellbo and Baba belongs to KazunaPikachu

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