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Ness and Lucas as hipsters! by Melomiku Ness and Lucas as hipsters! by Melomiku
Let me do this little story first.

Taking a break from tournaments in Smash Bros, Lucas and Ness decided to go and get something to eat. As the kind person she is, Rosalina gave them a little money (and by little, she gave them $150 because she's a Princess but don't ask how she converted the coins into bills) and some star bits for a snack. With a goodbye from their friends Toon Link and Villager, they headed off to a place Ness was familiar with.

"So, what is this... valley. What's it called?" The 13 year-old asked. It was Lucas's first time visiting another place besides the Smash Bros stages, and seeing something that was nothing like Tazmily made him uncomfortable. But ever since his battle with his brother Claus, and finding him alive during the credits pffft, he felt like courage ran through his veins. He wasn't a crybaby anymore. He was a young teen.

"Well, I think you might know them. The place we're going to is the Saturn Valley. They're a pretty weird bunch, but they're really nice. They helped my team get to Giygas and defeat him once and for all. Except for Porky, but you took care of him huh?" Ness smiled and punched Lucas lightly on the shoulder. Lucas rubbed his shoulder where Ness punched him and returned the smile. "Heck yeah! That evil old man is gone forever!"

They both laughed. It was nice to have someone that knew the exact same adventure as you. That way, you didn't sound crazy. Ness made an abrupt stop before Lucas stopped behind him. "Is something wrong...?" Lucas asked. Ness shook his head and turned to face Lucas. "I totally forgot that I have teleportation! How can I forget when I enter the stage with it? Hold on tight Lucas, we're going to take a shortcut!"

Grabbing Lucas's wrist, Ness ran around in a circle slowly, then gradually picking up speed. Soon, Ness and Lucas darted off from whereever they were to Saturn Valley.

They arrived at Saturn Valley by skidding their shoes. Lucas's head felt out of place. What was that?! That was such a rush of power, just flying at his face. It felt unnatural, but both of the boys had supernatural powers. That should've been fine. But he's never experienced PSI Teleport before. Maybe he could learn it from Ness.... Lucas shook his head. Ness let go of Lucas. "Welcome to Saturn Valley!" Ness said. Out of the little bow-tied topped homes were Mr. Saturns peeking out. They all stared for a while until one exclaimed: "It's Ness everyone! Greet Ness and new friend boing!"

They all surrounded Ness and Lucas in awe. Ness grinned at all of them while scratching the back of his head. Lucas smiled. He knew what Mr. Saturns were. He used their coffee table as transportation. Ness settled everyone down and cleared his throat. "Everyone, this is Lucas. He's a friend of mine." All the Mr. Saturns talked in unison. "Greetings Lucas!" Lucas nodded his head. "Hi! I've seen your species before." The Mr. Saturns gave a happy expression. One of them nudged Ness's foot. Ness used his telekinesis to lift the small being to his level. "Ness, make coffee shop for humans! Something weird! We go to shop zoom?" It asked. Ness and Lucas both looked at each other and shrugged. Ness smiled. "We're happy to help!" "We then go! Zoom!"

After a short walk, they approach the coffee shop. At the front, there was a green and white sign with a star and little stars behind it with streaks. On the bottom showed white letters: "Starstorm Coffee". As they went inside, people were... different. Their clothing totally changed. Glasses, beanies, plaid, skinny jeans and the smell of coffee were everywhere. Ness raised an eyebrow. 'Can coffee actually make people turn into... this?' He thought. He put Mr. Saturn down. "Try coffee, boing!" Ness and Lucas look at each other, unsure. He ordered two vanilla lattés. The Mr. Saturn nodded and after a while, two medium sized cups were handed over. Ness grabbed both of them, paid and gave the other one to Lucas. They walked outside.

Lucas opened the cup's lid a little and smelled the coffee. He didn't like to drink coffee, he is only thirteen. But he liked the smell. It was warm and comforting, like back home. Ness started to blow out the steam from the coffee to cool it down. Lucas followed. After trying to sip if it was cool enough, blowing to cool it down and sipping again, they finally managed to get it to a temperature that was drinkable. After a whole good sip, they sighed in content. "This is really good." Ness said, smiling and drinking more. Lucas looked down at the coffee cup. He thought this was alright. It wasn't bitter, it actually tasted a bit sweet. "Mhm..." He responded. Once they were a quater of the way through, Mr. Saturn noticed the change. Their clothes started to glow white.

"Effect! Effect zoom!"

Ness's clothes started to transform. His yellow and blue striped t-shirt was still there, except over it was a dark blue and green plaid polo. His shorts were now jeans, his red and blue cap was now a tan fedora with a blue and red striped stripe along where the rim was sown to the top of the hat, his shoes were fine, he wore the earth pendant, but it was smaller than it should be and his backpack was now a hand bag wrapping around his shoulders. Lucas noticed Ness's new wardrobe. "Whoa, your clothes!" Ness examined at himself for a while, even taking off his new hat to look at it. He looked at Lucas and chuckled. "You too!"

Lucas raised an eyebrow and looked at himself. In surprise, Lucas's jaw dropped. His head was covered by a grey beanie, with some of his hair showing. He wore glasses (the glass didn't have any effect on him, it was just normal glass like what you'll find on a window), and earrings that somehow didn't feel uncomfortable on his earlobe. He still had his red and yellow striped t-shirt, a red hoodie was tied around his waist, a grey scarf with tassles was around his neck and a red and yellow braided bracelet was wrapped around his wrist. He still wore his shorts and shoes. "What the... how does coffee do this?!" He checked his clothes. Mr. Saturn jumped. "Dunno, boing!" Ness laughed. "Let's send TL and Villager our discoveries hm?" Ness took out a phone and went to his camera (pretend they have modern phones). Lucas was just confused, but gave in. He held the coffee cup in his hands and smiled at the Ness. Ness raised the phone.

"Okay Lucas! Say... fuzzy pickles!" Ness said.

"Fuzzy pickles!" Lucas replied.


Aaand there you go! A story to go with the drawing! There's a few hiden things I've said in this story from the games Earthbound and Mother 3, so try finding them all hm? ;)

My younger brother was playing Smash Bros on the Wii U and I was watchig him play, figuring out what to draw next. Since we had the Ness and Dr. Mario amiibo, I was thinking of drawing Dr. Mario helping Ness from injuries. But my brother had a BETTER idea.

Ness and Lucas as HIPSTERS.

So this and that happened and there you go. I actually had to search on Google images for pictures of hipsters. :XD:

Ness and Lucas belongs to the Mother series by Shigesato Itoi.
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