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I miss you... by Melomiku I miss you... by Melomiku
Bellany's POV (Point of view)

I watch through my window as the army walks away. The purple haired one, I think what Bistre told me, Baba, looked at my window. His eyes squinted, then he looked down and walked away wih the army a bit quicker than the others. That's when I noticed Bistre wasn't with him. I quietly walk down the stairs and to the window in the main room. The army was gone. Everyone was gone. I stepped outside to look around. Noone. I wandered through the country to see if anyone was still alive. Noone was walking. Noone was buying anything. Noone spoke. It was quiet, and it was surprisingly comfortable for me since people won't be making fun of me anymore. I felt something on my hand. I touched it. A part of my hand was wet. When I looked up, more water fell on my face. I quickly run inside my home and get my parasol. I walk out again to see if anyone was still here. 

On my way to the other side of the small country, I hear a carridge rolling behind me. I turned around to see if it's any of the townspeople. It wasn't. A man in a white, clean suit was walking down with a servant holding an umbrella for him. He also looks around then spots me. 

"Hello madame! I am Bleach, the prince of the neighbouring country to this one. Have you seen Bistre? She told me we would be making..." Bleach saw the tattered old buildings and the burning houses.
"Well, I didn't know she lived in such a poor state of...housing. But she will love the castle, so clean and wonderful, like me!" Bleach takes out a mirror and fixes his hair. What an ego. 
"Noone's here except me. I can't find Bistre." Bleach stopped fixing his hair and put the mirror away. 
"Then where is she?! I need to find my bride!" I sighed. I had to tell him the whole story about what happened here.
"If you want to know, come with me."

We walked around the village while I was explaining to him what happened. Bleach...became very dramatic.

"Bistre told me you were with the quee-"
"It doesn't matter, what matters is that we should find Bistre!"
"Well, she did tell me she was going to the forest-" 
"Then let's go!" Bleach took my hand and ran over to the horses at the carridge and took one. He got onto the horse and helped me up. He flicked the leash and we were off. I looked around for any signs of Bistre. All I saw were trees that looked exactly the same. Until I saw a bit of Bistre's tan coat. 
"Over there!" Without hesitation, Bleach turned the horse around. When he got to the spot where Bistre was, he got off his horse and ran up to her. I followed and held the umbrella above him and myself. Bleach started to cry. I was about to also...because Bistre was dead. I did know that was going to happen, however, but losing someone that helped you through a hard life is painful.

"B-Bistre..." Tears fell down Bleach's face. I put my hand on his shoulder. 
"No, madame, I like my clothes clean." I let go and rolled my eyes.

Bleach ordered his servant to carry Bistre into the carridge so she can have a proper funeral soon. Bleach got back up onto the horse. He didn't help me up this time. I got up anyways, and got out of the forest and to the carridge.


"May Bistre be remembered by her friends, family, and lover. May she rest in peace."

I watch as they place the coffin into the hole. Bleach was sobbing hysterically. I was extremely sad too. Tears started to form in my eyes and I blinked to let them fall. Everyone left after burying Bistre. I stayed much longer to stare at her grave.

Thank you Bistre, you made my life so much better. Your encouraging words made me forget about those insults about me and made me feel happier that I was living. Now there's noone to judge me anymore, but without you, nothing is better. But I understand that you are in a better place.

Rest in peace.

Kinda a dark story but I made Bleach be himself hahaha! May his narcissistic attitude be funny.

Bellany belongs to me.

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