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I'll protect you and I will do as you please... by Melomiku I'll protect you and I will do as you please... by Melomiku
A crowd starts to surround the town square. A walkway that lead out to the middle was right in front of the prison. At the end--was a guillotine.

The fake was being dragged by the rope tugging at his wrist. Sneering faces and cries of the townspeople were thrown at the lavender-haired princess. To no surprise from Blaze, the boy did not flinch. The soft, small bells of the bell tower began to chime for the time of 2:45 in the afternoon. Baba kept his eyes hidden and head down, awaiting the arrival of his passing.


Bellbo's horse, Josephine, down the dirt path. The dark hood fluttered behind the princess, like a raven's wings in the air. Bellbo didn't know where she was going, all she had to do was escape--with everything she had disappearing, running away was the only thing she can do. There's was nothing there anymore: her kingdom, her castle, her servants, her family--

Her family...

Josephine whinnied as she was being pulled by the reins, making her lift her front hooves. Bellbo held on tight, keeping the horse from toppling over her. Her mind rang with Baba's words: "I swore to protect you." "Goodbye Bellbo. I love you."

Protect you

Protect you

Protect you

I love you.

"I love you too, brother...I'm sorry..."

'...No. He needs to hear my words. I need to tell him. I can't leave without saying goodbye.' Bellbo thought, her grip tightening on the reins. Even if the world was still her foe, she would still dare to enter back into her tyrant kingdom, and see her brother for one last time. Though some people say they would rather not see their loved ones die right in front of them, Bellbo would choose the opposite. It was not like it happened once.

The horse carefully stopped by an ally, which looked much more different from where she would have her usual stroll. A young girl with her younger brother, covered in dirt and ragged clothes, thin from malnourishment--has branded an image to her mind. 'Were they always...that skinny?' Her heart felt like it was being tugged, about to rip. Has the power gone to her head? Did it blind her from what she was actually ruling over? The sound of a citizen spitting out a vile comment caught her attention. She turned her head towards the sound, but then traced over the tall tower just beyond. The clock tower showed a time of 2:52. Her heart now racing, she jumps off the cream coloured horse and runs with all her might to the crowd.

Bellbo holds onto the cloak close to her, keeping her eyes down and face hidden, hoping thst the dark cloak covered the congruent colour of hair that the princess has. She pushes past people, rushing her way to the front of the crowd. Soon, she arrives to the front. A small amount of people eyes her suspiciously, but their stares didn't phase the fallen princess. Blaze marched to the front.

"You've all awaited this moment. The time we have freedom, the time we create a new country!" She paces around the guillotine, watching as Bleach pushes Baba to the guillotine. Bellbo wanted to scream out no, give herself up but Baba promised her. She stands there, her hand curling to a fist and tears welling up in her eyes. "To start that off--we get rid of what's been holding us down--the queen...." Blaze hissed. The crowd roars. She then locks the guillotine on Baba's head and wrists.


"Any last words, princess?"

"Oh...would you look at the time..." Baba whispered under his breath. Bellbo's eyebrows slowly rose. Being up in the front, she can hear the soft voice murmuring. She knows this time in particular, as she always says that it was her favourite time. She copies Baba's words.

"It's time for a snack~...


OH MY GOSH I PUT THIS PICTURE ON HOLD FOR SO LONG AODKSKHFIWNFJ :iconotlplz: It's also rushed too because I really wanted it to be done. *cries*

I'm going to make the next one though, and it will end off the main story, but I will draw other parts that are post story, like Regret Message and Bellany meeting Bellbo.

Some people might recognize the backgeound characters, hehehe~. >wo

Bellbo and Baba belongs to :iconkazunapikachu:

Leyathedrawer Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017
WHOAA!!! That's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
Melomiku Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017  Student General Artist
Aaah thanks! It was rushed though so I wasn't expecting much >///<
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