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Demeter's fighting stance by Melomiku Demeter's fighting stance by Melomiku
I had some inspiration from learning about the arena (I actually would like him to join hehehe).

About Demeter's fighting abilities

Demeter has a lot of experience in combat for years, 5 years to be exact, and he makes up his own moves sometimes. Yeah, Demeter's wings are huge, but he's extremely agile. He's sometimes called a ninja by his teacher and his peers (which are some adults) because of his quick reactions. His quick attacks (like fast attacks, not his attacks in general) does a moderate amount of damage. His blades on his anklets give extra damage when he kicks. His wings can be part of the fight also, it's mentioned in his attacks, specials and counters.

Attacks: (note that attacks with his palm have his fingers closed)

Basic jab- Quick hits with his claws, using only one arm (kinda like Sheik from Super Smash Bros)
Roundhouse kick/spin kick- Turns and kicks to mislead the opponent
Flip kick- Demeter flips and uses his foot to kick upwards while he's flipping
Slide kick- To dodge attacks above him and to trip the opponent
Palm push- Demeter grabs the opponent and pushes them away with his palm while letting go
Slow cheetah punch- Starts off by flowing his arms around (like tai-chi) then when the opponent had enough, he quickly uppercuts or does any other punch
Double palm push- When an opponent runs up to Demeter, he waits, then when they're close enough for him he pushes them away with his palms (the palms are in the position as if you were doing KAMEHAMEHA! You know, Goku)
Suplex- Grabs the opponent by the waist and bends backwards, with the opponent, hitting his/her head into the ground


Air dive- Demeter flies up then dives towards the opponent, giving them a huge punch to the face
Head smash- Flies in a loop then comes crashing down unto the opponent, head first plus horns
Flight dash- Rams into the opponent while slightly in the air
Flying suplex- Demeter picks up the opponent (dude's strong) while flying, goes into a loop and smashes the opponent's head into the ground
Air piledriver- Flies high up with the opponent, then falls with them head first while spinning. He has to grab the chest or lower so he won't get hurt
Wing smack- He hits the opponent with one of his wings
Double wing smack- Hits the opponent with both his wings
Wing throw- Grabs the opponent with one of his wings while in the air, then throws them down
Super wing throw- Same as Wing throw, except Demeter spins then throws the opponent down, making worse damage (imagine throwing a yo-yo down with the string out while you're holding the string. The yo-yo is the opponent while the string is Demeter's wing)
Break spin- Demeter can breakdance too AHAHAHAHAhahaha... He spins on his hands, putting his legs up, kicking the opponent in the face (don't worry he wears underwear)
Grab kick- Demeter claws into the opponent's arms, pulls them towards him then kicks them away
Knee attack- I decided to not put this in the attacks- because Demeter pins the opponent down then knees them in the, you know what. Might be less painful for females but males will cry
Punch and kick combo- Demeter throws a couple punches then lifts the opponent up, continuing by doing a few uppercuts and punches, then flies upside down kicking the opponent upwards and finishes off with himself facing the opponent beside them (dentist and patient kind of beside) and kicks the opponent down with his leg lifted up then quickly down onto the opponent (too Over Powered?)
360 grab- Demeter grabs the opponent's arms, spins then lets go


Block then punch- Demeter blocks the opponent's attacks then when he sees an opening he punches
Unfolded wings- Demeter will protect himself with his wings by closing himself up with them, then if the opponent gets close or tries to open the wings, he quickly unfolds the wings, pushing the opponent back
Gust- Demeter flaps his wings, blowing away any easily disintergrated projectiles (fire, soil/sand, snow)
Now you see me, now you don't- When being attacked, Demeter encloses himself with his wings, jumps over the opponent then hits them from behind

Aaaannd that's about it! I really wanted to list down his attacks hehehe...

Demeter belongs to me.

Eggdis Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Once Luna gets a hold of him she'll rek the man
Melomiku Featured By Owner Edited Jun 10, 2015  Student General Artist
Hahaha yeah, if she can :meow:
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