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Captured by Melomiku Captured by Melomiku
Blaze's POV

As me and the retributors advanced, a man in white came along. I knew who he was. The prince of the other neighbouring country beside us, Prince Bleach. He came in with his rapier and a look I've never seen in my whole life, mostly because he's so happy most of the time. Bleach showed a face of complete revenge.

I watched as the crowd parted so he can walk over to me. As he walked up, he gave a bow. "Fair lady, I would like to join you on this retribution as the queen hurt the one I loved most. Queen Bellbo shall have no mercy! Death to the queen!" He yelled and pulled out his rapier from his sheath and pointed up into the air, while I did also. Everyone raised their weapons in hand in follow, and put them down later. Bleach did the same, putting the rapier back into its sheath. As we reached the door to the castle, I ordered the people with the battering ram to break the door. After a couple of tries getting the huge log to bash the door, it opened. I turned around to face the crowd once more.

"Everyone! Search every inch of this castle for the queen! Prince Bleach and I will look upstairs with half of you and the rest search the bottom floor. Go!" They scattered around, looking at every inch of the castle while the rest of us walked upstairs. Bleach and I looked everywhere until we saw something odd...

One of the windows that lead to the balcony was slightly ajar.

We both looked at each other and snuck up to the window quietly. Once we did, I swung open the window and found the princess facing away from us, looking out into her fallen kingdom. "We have you now Princess Bellbo! There's no escape!" Bleach stepped in and was about to take out his rapier. "You daughter of evil! Turn around now! The more you refuse, the more difficult!" He demanded as he pointed the rapier at Bellbo's neck and I did the same with my sword. She turned around. My eyes widened and sweat fell on my face.

Bellbo, now where did you go?

This wasn't her... the face... that wasn't Bellbo, no. Only a fool, which is probably Prince Bleach and everyone else in this town of blasphemy, would fall for it. This is not Bellbo but-- Baba. Her twin brother. Did he really go that far to protect his sister? There's no point in looking for her now. She's gone, and that's all we wanted. Although, the people want her dead. Obliterated, gone from existence, exterminated. Baba gave his best imitation of his sister. It wasn't bad at all.

"You insolent woman!"

More sweat fell on my face even more, and I wasn't sure how to respond. I clutched onto my sword even more and ordered Bleach to tie her wrists. Within a few minutes, Princess Bellbo was captured. We gathered eveyone into the bottom floor and I grinned from ear to ear and so did Bleach. Only mine was fake. "Everyone! The queen-- has been CAPTURED!" The crowd roared with cheers. Baba stayed quiet. "Now, we will keep her in prison for 3 days and at 3 o'clock sharp, to the guillotine!" The crowd cheered even louder. I looked over at Baba, who slightly gulped, but kept his face straight.

When we got to the prison I opened up a cell and threw Baba in there. It was just me and Baba. He looked up and frowned. "A cell won't do any justice for me" He said in his Bellbo voice again. I glared and turned around, facing my back to him. "Quit your talk.--

--I know who you are."

Aw shoot, stuff's about to go down...

I'm surprised I managed to submit this a bit quicker that my other installments, usually I'm busy or I slack off, trying to figure out what to do for the next installment. :icondignitylaughplz:

Okay, about the drawing. Bleach's pose turned out to look odd, the hand is backwards but it's to reach the sword and the leg is a bit weird due to bad perspectives and the random arm just bent for no reason. Other than that, I like his clothing, hair and rapier. I could've added Baba but he'll just be a head sticking out lol :XD:

Blaze belongs to :iconnanakoblaze:
Bleach belongs to :icontarrotcake:

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November 5, 2015
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