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Bellany and Bukku's sons! (And their powers) by Melomiku Bellany and Bukku's sons! (And their powers) by Melomiku
UPDATE: Made a new and improved description of these kids' powers! I might have a new bio for Bellany as I fleshed out her character more.

Hey remember that picture of Bellany and Bukku with that one baby?

HAHA I WAS JUST KIDDING THEY HAD TWINS. Well... they might not look like twins but if the one on the right didn't have his hair shaved, then they'll look like twins.

Meet Tobi and Koteru!


Name: Tobi, AKA Tobius Loveridge Hinukoe
D.O.B: February 13th, five minutes after his brother
Height: 5"4
Age: 13
Powers: Has Bellany's psychic powers.

Tobi's much more like his mother, but has an intense sense of adventure. He likes to explore what he can do with his psychic powers, but sometimes he would get in trouble for being curious. He discovered his telekinesis when he was a baby and later on he learned about predicting small amounts of time in the future. Tobi likes to drag his brother, Koteru into misadventures that would most absolutely likely bring themselves into harm's way. Luckily, his brother makes sure he doesn't get into bad situations, although Tobi does look after Koteru as much as he does to him. Like his father, Bukku, when he was younger, he's sometimes a bit shy around people he likes in contrast to his happy-go-lucky attitude. He likes to make people smile and when he's sad you know something went down, as it's not usual for him to feel sad or angry. Another tidbit of information is that since his mother is Romanian, he learned Romani from her.

POWERS: Tobi's telekinetic powers are incredibly powerful, as well as his ability to read the past and future once he gets older. When he uses his telekinesis, his eyes glow purple just like his mother's eyes when she uses her abilities, and whatever is being held by the telekinesis can be seen with a purple glow around it. His telekinesis can reach an area radius of 5 km (with the help of his vision to see the future and past as he can concoct the way the land was made and how it looks like now) as well as that it's so strong, that he can change the matter of an object by manipulating the speed and space of particles. For example, if Tobi has come across a large lake and there is no boat for him to cross to the other side, he can either float himself to the other side or slow down the particles of the water, bring them together so they were compact and they would become an ice path for him. He is also able to use his telekinesis on liquids as well as fire--which he is able to do because of being half fox spirit--but he must do certain movements in order to control these elements. For water, he must do the movements of tai-chi in order for his mind to "flow like water". Once his mind is set to it, he is able to lift liquids, no matter what it is. He needs to do this as well if he needs to control the particles inside liquids. Fire is the opposite, where instead Tobi must move with aggressive, wide movements in order to get his mind set on controlling fire. He is able to collect flame that is available around him and make it useful for combat, such as fireballs for example. Tobi has yet to learn how to control gases as it uses a strict amount of training with his telekinesis to grasp into something that has partciles that move so quickly. He can already control earth as it's solid. (Yes, the concept is very similar to Avatar the Last Airbender but all this is under the control of a powerful wave of telekinesis over certain elements because of the manipulation of particles).
There's a time where Tobi's emotions may be dangerous if accompanied with his powers, but luckily, it happens rarely. ESP Breakdown was passed on from his mother, where if he's incredibly sad or enraged, Tobi's iris doesn't just turn and glow purple, his eye is completely purple, with a sort of "mist" emmitting from the eyes from his emotions taking over him. Psychokinetic waves go haywire and all things around him start to float--as well as himself floating--and spin around rapidly around Tobi, from breaking a piece of ground to the destruction of buildings. This causes a massive amount of damage in the area without him realizing it as he has no control over this state. It wears off once he manages or someone manages to calm him down and relieve himself of his emotions.
Past and future vision are limited at this age. If he looks too far into the future or past, he'll have a headache.

When he gets older, he's mostly seen listening to music or helping his parents. Tobi also gets glasses at around adolescent age, he's still a thrill-seeker, but he begins to put safety first.


Name: Koteru Yuuro Hinukoe
D.O.B.: February 13th, five minutes before his brother
Height: 5"4 (yes, I know he looks shorter but Tobi's hair is fluffier than his which makes him look taller)
Age: 13
Powers: Has Bukku's powers: He's a fox spirit with blue fire and can also transform into a nine-tailed fox

Unlike Tobi, Koteru's much more careful than his brother. He's usually found with his father training to practice becoming a proper fox spirit. The bangles help conentrate his power to be less of a huge blast and instead use the fire power as weapons, like fire blades, fireballs, or breathing fire, etc. The crystal necklace was just a little gift from his mother, but she says that when he's in emotional need, he should use the crystal. Koteru sometimes acts rebellious against his parents when they're stuck and when he thinks of a plan, he thinks that his plan will always be right, even though sometimes it doesn't work. But he's reminded that there are people who can help him, especially his brother. Koteru is extremely overprotective of his brother because of the things he gets into, though cares for him anyways. He's been talking with other spirits with his father to know what his life is usually like when he's gone.
People know him as quiet around everyone and only thinks of himself unless he's with his brother. Actually, he's only happy if his brother is safe or with him. He teaches him some Japanese that he learnt from his father. He plays games that are sometimes ridiculous and unsafe with his brother but makes sure he's careful. It takes a lot for him to trust others. If you do manage to become friends with him, he'll most likely protect you with his life.
His hair does grow to be as long as Bukku's, however the sides of his hair stay shaved.
Koteru's eyes originally were both turquoise just like his brother's hence them being twins. During a trial where Koteru was proving his devotion to his mother when he was 7, he was rewarded with what his father recited, "a part of your mother lies within you." This resulted in Bukku having Koteru's right eye to be brown.

POWERS: He is able to use his blue fire in all forms. Blue fire is considered extremely hot so he needs to be cautious in his surroundings. He's able to create fire "blades" where he can pyrokinetically make two slashes of fire that can hit a foe from a far range. Then there are the usual fireballs and flamethrowers, then there's the close combat where he can create fire around his fists and feet to have fire punches and kicks. What's also special is that he can absorb fire, but can also go as far as into absorbing heat to make his fire stronger. He can even absorb lightning.
Because Koteru is part fox spirit, he goes through three forms: human, "spirit" and fox forme. He can use his powers in all formes, but have noticeable traits between his spirit and fox forme. His human forme works as an illusion to other people as it seems like a young boy who just dyed his hair blue. He's also able to see through illusions as well, and sometimes makes his own, pretending he's a girl (who he calls "Kogame").

"Spirit" forme-In Koteru's spirit forme, he's dressed in a white and navy blue kariginu. His fox ears are visible as well as his nine tails, the fur mainly being blue as opposed to white and the ends being black due to genetics. He is mostly seen with his kitsune mask as well. Only people who are able to see spirits are able to see Koteru in this forme, other than that, he's invisible.

Fox forme-Koteru's fox forme varies in size over the years. When he's a young child, he's a little smaller than the average size of a fox; when he's grown to around the early teen age he'll keep growing to be the size of a fairly large worlf and from mid-teens to adulthood, Koteru grows up to the size of a ten-storey building. His fur is mainly blue with black on the tips of his ears, tail and a dark gray around the snout. He has the ability to light the tips of his ears and tails on fire, which makes them look like black coal igniting as the black fur is engulfed in flames. He also has flames coming out from the corners of his mouth just like his father as a fox.

Similarities between the brothers:-Watch out for each other
-Likes to train side by side
-Makes a lot of mistakes (and learn from them)
-Likes to listen to music
-Are/half??? Straight (Koteru's heterosexual while Tobi is bisexual)
-Can see spirits
-Are half spirit

And that's it for the bros! You can RP with them if you'd like, and I'll start drawing them a lot more totally not because Koteru's hair is fun to draw //cough.

Tobi and Koteru belongs to me!

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