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.:Bellany Loveridge:. by Melomiku .:Bellany Loveridge:. by Melomiku
Finally able to type out a more fleshed out bio for my main character. I might have to update more information in another drawing as well since this is gonna be a lot XD

Full Name: Bellany Rakhas Loveridge
Nicknames: Bella, Belle
Parents: Claude Loveridge and Rosalina Loveridge (maiden name is Rosalina Rakhas, where Bellany got her middle name)
Background: Romanian gypsy. Knows the Romani language.
Abilities: A psychic who can use telekinesis, as well as read the past and future. She is also able to speak with spirits. Her eyes glow purple when she's using her telekinesis or reading the past and future.
Personality: An optimist. She likes to keep her spirits up in any situation so she doesn't stress out in the middle of them. She has a kind heart as well which may seem like she's easy to manipulate but be forewarned, if you have the nerve to incredibly anger her or break her heart, she'll get into a state called ESP Breakdown. It takes a lot to break Bellany however. She's quite the extrovert too and isn't afraid to show her emotions to others despite the difficult circumstances she had to face.

Claude and Rosalina Loveridge:Claude and Rosalina secretly live together in a cozy house for they study and practice witchcraft, which traced down for generations in each of their families. Rosalina concocts the potions and communicates with the spirits as a psychic reader, while Claude studies chants and sacrificial ceremonies. Outside the home and to strangers, they constantly try to hide the fact that they practise witchcraft. They have different jobs outside of the home. Rosalina works as a pharmacist while Claude is a history teacher, which seems fitted to their roles in the home in a way. The time soon came for Claude and Rosalina to have a child together. However, Rosalina was told by a spirit as she was doing some readings on her own that the child might be hard to control. A little confused at the spirit, she takes the warning but it didn't stop her from wanting to concieve the baby as she just took it as the baby going to be a rambunctious child and has to work hard in order to have them behave.
On July 1st, a baby girl was concieved and was named Bellany Rakhas Loveridge. Once Claude and Rosalina brought Bellany home, they cared for Bellany and kept her safe from any dangers during any witchcrafting in session. After a few months when Bellany was a little more aware of her surroundings, her parents were met with a surprise to see Bellany being able to make things float in thin air, playing around with her food bowl and twisting a metal spoon (since apparently psychics are famous for doing things like that). Rosalina now takes the whole scene in and realizes the spirit's warning. She was still fine with Bellany's powers, and her and Claude decide to try and help Bellany practice her abilities at home. Again with the roles, Claude and Rosalina helped Bellany practice her telekinesis for a few years, and once Bellany turned three and began to speak--or make some sort of other noise like most children, she revealed her ability to read the past and the future.
One time was alerting her father and mother of bird droppings falling from a seagull and almost landing into her father's hair by pointing to the sky, then yelling out "Move! Move!".
Another time was Bellany predicting a car crash and took her a good while to stop her parents from walking to the car to go buy groceries. She was screaming "NO!", multiple times and gave the explaination of "Because of bad things!". Her parents finally gave in after hearing the screech of tires and the crash of a car's windows and metal scrunching up once the vehicle hit a tree outside of their home. "See? Bad thing!" Bellany pointed at the vehicle, provig to her parents. Right after buying groceries, Claude decided to take the role of teaching Bellany on how to use her telekinesis and Rosalina would teach Bellany on reading the past and the future. However, Bellany's antics became too evident in public around the age of six, as people in the area have claimed strange sightings of a girl who made things float into the air and make creepy readings out of nowhere, which soon spread around and everyone was starting to get suspicious at Bellany's family. Media spread the news as well, but it didn't reach a particular place due to the building being awfully far and close to the woods. This was also the last place Bellany saw her parents. What was it? It was the orphanage.
Claude and Rosalina couldn't keep Bellany anymore as they would be arrested for making a family of witchcrafters, as well as keeping a danger to society. During the night while Bellany was asleep, her parents silently took her to the orphanage. They laid her down on the steps in front of the entrance wrapped in blankets. After saying their heartbroken goodbyes and Rosalina giving Bellany her tambourine, the two knocked on the door before running away and hiding in an alley, watching as the keeper of the orphanage took Bellany inside. Claude and Rosalina left, never to see their child again. (unless Bellany reads the past and tries to find her parents once she's able to read farther into the past.)

Miss Maria: Bellany wasn't old enough to figure out what was going on, but she woke up in a grungy, broken-spring bed. Terrified that she wasn't in the comfort of her home, she looked around frantically at the children, crying out for her parents. The eldest in the room, which was a 10 year-old girl, explained to Bellany the orphanage. In a way, the girl was like an older sister to her that guided Bellany around the mediocre-to-bad-looking orphanage. The conditions almost seemed poorly kept, as she would spot a rat scurrying around, the chairs were wobbly, everytime you stepped on the wooden floor the sound of creaking was evident. The building was old however, according to the 10 year-old girl, as she learned that it was functional for more than 30 years. Which was pretty shocking considering the way the place looked.
Bellany got to meet the adults that ran the building, who were--nice, they just tried to make the best with the old orphanage. Once she revealed her psychic abilities the next day to a few of the girls, she was immediately spotted as a threat and was kept away from the other children to her dismay. After a week went by Bellany grew tired of living in the orphanage and escaped through one of the barred windows. Using her telekinesis, she pries the iron bars open and removed the glass of the windows, but due to her inability to control her powers as a child, the glass shattered. She took her tambourine and floated through the window frame, quickly closing the iron bars before the children chased after her. Because the forest was the closest to the orphanage, she ran into the deep thicket, hoping she wasn't being followed. Soon she grew tired and passed out in the middle of the woods. What she didn't know was that she was being taken away.
Bellany woke up again to find herself in a softer bed. When she looked around, she spotted a small kitchen, a large bookshelf full of books and small trinkets all inside a cozy log cabin. A pot was boiling over the stone fireplace with a hunched old lady. She turns towards Bellany and made her way over to her. What intrigued the old lady was how Bellany looked at her.

"Are you alright?"


The old lady gave a nod before walking over to the pot. She grabbed a ladle and a bowl, pouring some soup. She then took a spoon and plopped it into the bowl. "Here, you must be hungry."

"...M-mommy said I can't talk to strangers."

"Your mommy would also like if you were safe too. And not hurt. Did you run away from home?"

"N-no, I c-come from the--the--orphan--um--" The nervousness was evident. She had no clue how to pronounce "orphanage".

"The orphanage?" The old lady helps.

"Yeah! I can't find mommy or daddy there. Will they ever come back?" Bellany looks at the bowl of soup and decided to take it. She could really use some warm food.

The old lady turns away from Bellany and makes her way to the pot. "I'm afraid not. Orphanages are where mommies and daddies of children drop their child off so that other mommies and daddies will adopt them."

"Wait," Bellany replies in a panic, "why would mommy and daddy leave me?" She teared up and started to cry. "I want my mommy and daddy! I wanna go home!" The ravenhaired girl sobbed.

The old lady carefully placed her hand on Bellany's head, soothing the crying child. "I don't know how you would be able to do that. But I'm sure mommy and daddy hope that you're okay. If your mommy and daddy won't be able to take care of you, would you like me to?"

The little psychic didn't know where else to go at this point, as she felt like this cabin was more comfortable and welcoming than the orphanage. Her response was a nod. "Do...I call you mommy?"

The old lady chuckles. "Just call me by my name, Miss Maria."

Years went by as Bellany was taught by Miss Maria. Bellany started off learning how to write her name and the alphabet. Soon, she started to learn how to read as Miss Maria handed her books from the bookshelf. It took a while for Bellany to understand as they weren't exactly for kids, but Maria decided to point at simple sentences. As for food, there was a garden with a few vegetables and a crab apple tree. Once Bellany got older, around 10 years old, she would have to go off to buy food. Several minutes down the road (almost more than half an hour by walking) was a small town. She brought her tambourine and used the old lady's sun hat. She sang a song in Romani that her mother would sing to her when she was younger that she used for dancing, and tapped her tambourine to the beat. It did catch a crowd, and Bellany had enough to buy enough groceries--more or less.
Bellany was also caught using her telekinesis as she couldn't reach a book on the top of the shelf, but to her surprise, Maria didn't flinch and found Bellany's abilities extraordinary and useful. Maria told Bellany to use her powers carefully and wisely with responsibility, instead of just taking so much advantage over them
The ravenhaired girl was also always curious as to how Maria was getting more books all of the sudden everytime she left to go get money for groceries or just stepped out of the house for a long time. They were helpful nonetheless, as they were filled with work on mathematics, English, science--necessary learning for Bellany. She was tutored in each subject and soon had a general knowledge of each subject, but was quite interested in the study of sciences, but of course had to learn math in order to understand a few formulas.

The books started piling up as the old lady brought more from out of no where. Once Bellany turned 13, she had a talk with Miss Maria.

"May I--ask you something, Maria?" She asks after doing a math equation.


"Why don't you ever go outside?"

The old lady was silent. "You know how you can see me?"

"Yeah?...I don't get what you're saying here, I'm sure anyone can spot you." She arches an eyebrow. Next thing that happened was that Bellany was lead outside with the lady to a tree. An inscription was carved into the tree.



The confusion started to engulf Bellany's mind, staring at the grave. "Y-you're d-dead?! B-but how?!"

Suddenly, it hit Bellany. A wave of nostalgia hit her an a vision of the past. The sight of her mother sitting by a crystal ball and a ouija board, talking to Bellany.

"My mother...can communicate with spirits...but she never saw them..."

She quickly turned to Maria. "I can see spirits?"

Maria tapped Bellany's forehead with the back of her hand and a chuckle. "Well of course you can, ya lil' varmint! How are you talking to me?" She jokes around before patting Bellany's back. "Now, why don't you go get some fruits? Maybe some berries? For a pie~."

Despite being completely awestruck Bellany sauntered out of the forest and straight to the town market.

The next day, she was out to gain more money, dancing to gain money. That was, until a limo pulled up beside her and rolled the windows down. Bellany was frightened at first and thought about running away before she heard a girl's voice. She turned around as she was about to run but her eyes were locked onto the girl's, making her stop. The girl was around the same age as Bellany. She had long, curling locks that were dyed pink at the tips. Her eyes were an odd colour though, a--deep kind of red. "I just want to talk!"

Bellany' took the chance to take a quick read the future. Seeing that she wasn't a threat in some odd way, she approached the girl. The girl walked out of the limo. She sported a pink crop-top over a black tank top, black shorts and knee-high white socks. The laces of her mint-coloured sneakers were neatly done.


The blonde lowered her voice. "My name's Candace Bruillon. But you can call me Candy! I know about your powers. You're really popular you know!"

Bellany's face contorted into unease. "O-oh...h-how is that possible?"

"M--mmmmedia. People made videos about seeing you make things float in the air. Surprised how no one here knows you. But my city could use someone like you. Your powers can be useful!"

"M-my powers?" Bellany looked down at her hands then back at Candy. "I-I already happy here, someone needs me around..."

"...I'm sure they'll understand. You can go talk to them and say that you'll be going somewhere else."

"...I don't think it's that easy--"

"I'm sure Maria Ambersine wouldn't mind~." She whistled idly.

The psychic backed away in alarm. "How do you know Maria?!" Bellany exclaims. "She's not--alive!"

"Oh believe me, you're not the only one who can see spirits~. Maria contacted my family. She said that you needed to find a better life other than the forest. She was told that by someone else who can also speak to spirits...but she never told me who..." Candy tapped her cheek.

"...I'll be right back. I need to talk to her."

Bellany had never felt so utterly confused in her life. Talking to Maria let her release some steam, but she still felt like she needed some more guidance. All Maria did in return was pat Bellany's head.

"You have to go. I can't keep doing this forever. Besides, Candy's a woman of wealth, you will live in a better place than this old cabin."

"But--I'm going to miss were like my second mother." Bellany teared up, not wanting to lose someone else that was important in her life.

"Sshhh, it's fine Bellany. You'll be happier in a place with better food, shelter, and bed. This lady will be just fine on her own!" She gave a teeth-and-gum-gaps grin. "Go on. Go see Candy and tell her you're going." She gives Bellany one last hug goodbye before sending her off.

"Goodbye Miss Maria! Thank you so much for everything!" Bellany waved goodbye with a smile before heading off. Maria smiled back.

"Your daughter's in better hands now, Rosalina."

Bellany met up with Candy soon after, who was waiting inside the limo outside of the forest. She soon saw Bellany and waved her hand outside of the window.

"Come on! Let's go, I can't wait until I get to see your powers~!" Candy chimes as she moves aside to let Bellany into the limo. Once that was done, they sped off to her hometown: Death City.

Characters belong to me.

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