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Be... your friend? by Melomiku Be... your friend? by Melomiku
Demeter's POV

I flew over to the nearest body of water for a little cool down, despite spring being cool itself. I landed down on a cliff, watching the clouds pass by. I looked down on the waves that were crashing on the rock that held the cliff up. There were small platforms that were a little shorter than the cliff, so I flew to each, admiring the nice view of the large body of water. The lowest one was very close to the height of the tide, behind a rock. Once I landed on it, I tried drawing the scene in some kind of charcoal. As I was drawing, I notice the water churn and bubble in front of me. I put away my notebook and charcoal piece and flew on top of the rock, leaning over to the bubbling water. Soon, a figure was coming close to the surface, and I quickly jump back after hearing a splash. I get up and got ready for a fight, but in front of me was a-- Dragonian? She had the eyes and arms, but her skin was shiny and leathery, and she had... fins? Well, makes sense. It is an aquatic Dragonian. I've only heard of them though, never saw them in real life. She looked around my age, but maybe a few years older.

"Hello...?" The woman held herself up on the rock with her arms.

"U-um... hi. Nice to meet you..." I relaxed myself and took a few steps forwards.

"Hi!" She waved. "I'm Amphradite! And you?" She was pretty optimistic for her age, but that must be just me.


"Nice to meet you Demeter. You're a land lover huh?"


"You don't look like someone from the water. But maybe you love the sky too, since your wings are huge!" She pointed to my wings.

"Thanks. It's a fun thing to do. Swimming would be fun if these wings didn't make me slow as hell." I chuckled. She laughed back. "And that's why you don't see a flying fish. You're really nice Demeter. And you're the first Dragonian I've met that met me here."

Wait a minute... first to meet her here? So she has met other Dragonians that weren't aquatic? "Wait, you've met other Dragonians out of the water?"

"Mhm! I have been selling seashells and teeth necklaces, since some Dragonians like me lose a ton of teeth." She gave me a toothy grin, and she was right. The teeth were sharp, but some of them were gone. Note to self, don't mess with her.

I looked up at the sky and saw the sun high in the sky. Lunchtime. "I need to get going, gotta eat something." I put my hand in front of me. "Nice meeting you Amphradite." She leaned forwards and hesitantly put out her hand and shook mine. It was a little weird, but I didn't mind too much. "You too Demeter." We let go and I spread out my wings. Her face made me giggle a little, as she looked wat me wide-eyed and her jaw was hanging. I took flight and flew back to the village.


Demeter and Amphradite belongs to me.

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