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.:OC:. The Dancing Witch
It's been a good while since I drew a legitamite picture of Bellany. This is her actual reference concerning her job as an apothecary, selling medicines and potions and tinkering with magical objects. She still has her psychic powers of telekinesis and past/future reading.

I mentioned that she was the "dancing witch" was because she dances in certain ways to control the elements using her telekinesis. It includes fire, water and air, which are the elements that aren't tangible for psychics. She can control earth just fine because it's tangible and it's basically a solid object.

Also if some of you guys didn't know, this is Tobi and Koteru's mother!

Bellany belongs to me.

.:Splatoon Fan Characters:. Beyond the Ink
UPDATE: They have a catchphrase and the Octoling twins have a more detailed and a bit of a disturbing backstory, which has SPOILERS FROM OCTO EXPANSION IF ANYONE HAS NOT SEEN IT.

"Go beyond amazink!"

Meet my new Splatoon K-Pop idols-- that's actually a group! This is Beyond the Ink (or in other languages, Inku o Koete in Japanese and it's Korean name Bangtan Ingkeu, a spoof of BTS), who is an all male idol group with three inklings and two twin octolings.

From left to right, we have:

Chung-Hee: The eldest brother of the octoling twins. He's a bit of a rebel and a player but he's a loyal guy to the group and actually takes great responsibility when he screws up, as well as be a support for his younger twin brother, Chung-Ae. In the group, he's known as the rapper. The weapon he uses is the Hydra Splatling.
The octo-twins used to sing together in the underground, being quite well known by other Octarians through busking in the subway until they were conscripted into DJ Octavio's army, forcing them to forget about their hobby. They came out of the underground after hearing the Calamari Inkantation, which caused them to snap out of their trance, remembering their love of singing and found their freedom the hard way, as all octolings did in the OctoExpansion, except they encountered a different scenario.
The four "thangs" were broken, but it still didn't stop someone from preventing a few octolings from arriving to the surface: which was C.Q. Cumber. Instead of thangs, C.Q. would lure them to a glass box that had a large tube attached to it by arms that would cling onto the box. The tube was at the top leading upwards which looked like it was going above ground, as well a sliding door so they can enter. C.Q. claimed that Octolings will be sent to the surface by entering the box as an "easier way" to get to the surface instead of climbing up that Agent 8 had to do. When the twins heard about this, they were only slightly thrilled. It seemed awfully sketchy and it looked much too simple to be something so successful. Nonetheless, it was their only way up right now, not knowing any other way to get up. Chung-Ae went to go ahead and entered the glass box along with other Octolings while Chung-Hee hid himself in a locker (because an octopus can fit into tight spots) and peeked out of the slits just in case something happened. C.Q. used a remote control to move the box and tube. The glass box made a sound, but it was actually the box being raised above the ground and above the train tracks. It was then quickly filled with water from the tube attached to it, forcing the Octolings to be pushed down by the pressure and drown in the glass box. Seeing his brother suffer inside the box, Chung-Hee busted out of the locker and tried to think take the remote from the blue creature, but C.Q. had boarded the train once the Octolings were above the train tracks. Then, Chung-Hee heard a sound down the tunnels.
The train was coming to kill them.
According to a theory, the previous Octolings were blended up when the four thangs were gathered and their parts were used for the mind control slime that was be found on Agent 3 and the telephone. This explains why the telephone said "INGREDIENT ACQUIRED". The box keeps them contained, the water softened them up/possibly kill them and the train would finish it off by ramming into the box, killing multiple Octolings and would reach the end of the tracks, the impact of the train would mash the Octolings into a pulp, or they would be run over by the train tracks and their parts would be collected to be made into the slime.
Chung-Hee only had a short amount of time, and the first thing he thought of was using his Hydra-Splatling. But not in the way it would usually be used. He removed the heavy tank of ink and threw it at the glass box, breaking it into pieces and freeing the Octolings trapped in the glass box. Once freed, he helped anyone who had fallen into the tracks or needed resuscitating through CPR before the train had the chance to run them over. The only way out was the way Agent 8 came out, and was helped by other agents that were part of Captain Cuttlefish's crew.
When the twins reached the surface, they were lost, traumatized and nervous, with no one to guide them until they met Marina, who offered to lead them through the square and give a small tour of Inkopolis, as well as introduce them to Turf War and Splatfests. So much so that they were interested in hosting Splatfests. These two octolings were the ones that wanted to form the group, except they started off small, showing their talents to Marina who eventually got them a music deal by another record company--but they decided to hold it off, as they thought of something bigger.

Hwan: Hwan is a bright and kind-hearted inkling. He's kind to others and rarely gets angry nor starts fights. Except on the battlefield, where he is relentless. The weapon he uses are rollers, but he mostly uses Dynamo Rollers.
When it came to singing, he was very timid and wasn't comfortable with singing in public, but to his family, he was known to be a talented singer. His family convinced him to sing for a community barbecue, at Flounder Heights, and he finally got the courage to actually sing. During this event, one of the octoling twins, Chung-Ae, got to see him sing and after his performance, asked if he would like to join the group that he was making with his brother. It took Hwan a few days as he told Chung-Ae that he'll email them back but he eventually joined after he remembered how much praise he got for his singing during the event and it gave him the courage to sing publicly a little more.

Joon: Joon is charming and outgoing, and has that "pretty boy" vibe. He's known to be the main vocalist of the group. When he gets into battles, his perferred weapon of choice are the splat dualies, and the Dark Tetra Dualies are his favourites.
Joon is known to be the best singer in the school band from the first year he arrived to his last. He's received lots of confessions and small love letters at school from girls but he wasn't very interested because of the fact that he was--*drumroll please*--gay. This was a little hard for him to hide considering people would always be on his tail, not wanting to have the weight of disappointing others on his shoulders and he's been hiding in the closet for quite some time. When the school band got to perform at Wahoo World, Chung-Hee met him there at a food line. They eventually became good friends and like Chung-Ae, he was informed about the group he was making with his brother and another inkling (which you now know as Hwan). Joon's interest was immediately caught and agreed to be part of the group, as he wanted to expand his singing into a career--after he's graduated high school of course. He does eventualy tell the group that he was gay, but they accepted him--after a week of getting used to it.

Jangnan: Jangnan is an extroverted, cheery inkling who just loves making people smile. It's rare to see him be sad mostly because he spent a good chunk of his life being pushed down by his family. Although extroverted, he specializes well with fighting on his own with far ranged weapons, specifically chargers, with his favourite being the Splatterscope or the E-litre 4K Scope.
When Jangnan was young, he was part of a strict family who wouldn't let him pursue his dreams of being a singer and wanted him to be a full-time worker at Grizzco, except for his younger sister, who liked to listen to him sing. Not liking the thought of working down and dirty, he would sometimes go against his parents' wishes and try to sing on his own. Whenever he got caught, he was punished (by a lot of yelling) and was always brought to the training grounds to practise using weapons. Jangnan was actually the one who took the route of partaking in a talent show, and eventually convinced his parents to watch him sing. When he sang, his parents finally saw the potential he had and felt wrong about suppressing him of his talents. He won first place. A few days after, he was contacted by Joon as he saw the newspaper clipping of Jangnan winning the talent show, contacting him. His parents let him join the group (after wanting to talk to the group to make sure) and his sister couldn't have been any more prouder.

Chung-Ae: Chung-Ae is sort of opposite of his brother, being more proper and polite. Whenever his brother does something risky he'd wonder about who's really the older brother. Nonetheless he cares for his twin and wouldn't have it any other way. Chung-Ae uses sloshers, with his favourite being the Slosher Deco. However, the Slosher Deco he uses doesn't seem to be familiar in the square...
Chung-Ae helped make the group name "Bangtan Ingkeu" but with the help of the inklings to translate it into the Inkling language (and English). This is how "Beyond the Ink" was created and "Inku o Koete" was translated as well. From there, the group got together and did a small test run, singing a song by Off the Hook. The producer was impressed and liked it, even more than when it was just the twins and got them a deal, which is how Bangtan Ingkeu was born.


This was actually based off an idea a friend gave me, and totally LOVED the idea of a Splatoon K-Pop group, even though...I don't a lot of K-Pop XD. I only know four K-Pop songs lol.

I know that most Splatoon idols have signature clothing but I think that drawing them in casual clothing would be better to show their uniqueness to each member (that I see in a some K-pop performances and music videos) and I wanted to put down my ideas before I thought of clothing that everyone would wear for performances.

Thanks to WingedPPG for helping me with the "hair" colour of the inklings, where two have black hair, two have white and one has brown hair (Joon has brown hair I swear, the red tips just make it seem like it's red). Not only that, but also with translating the group name into the Inkling language. I appreciate your help very much!

And as you guys can see, I'm really into Splatoon XD. I was into it before I got into the gsme and once I got it on December of last month, I was so happy finally getting to try it out. I'm not as good but I do enjoy playing regardless!

Splatoon/Splatoon 2 belongs to Nintendo.
The group Beyond the Ink belongs to me.

Message of Regret and Revenge
Many moons after the death of the "queen", Bellbo ran away from the fallen kingdom, knowing that her only place left to go was the beach to throw the message in a bottle. On her way, however, she had found a small cottage sitting just at the border of the grass and sand, facing ot to the vast sea. Their resident was a woman with sleek black hair and a warm, dark tone of skin. She was just taking her time sweeping the little porch that lead to the entrance of the cottage.

Bellbo wasn't sure about what to do, wondering if she'd notice that she was the real queen, but all that changed when the dark-skinned girl glanced to her left, taking a quick peek of the beach to find herself meeting gazes with Bellbo, who looked away immediately. Bellbo was only here to throw the message into the sea and that's exactly what she did. She stared at the bottle, putting all her wishful thoughts and hopes as she clenches onto it, and throws it into the water. She sits there, staring at the horizon quietly, before her thoughts consumed her, quietly ignoring everything around her at the moment before the silence was broken.

"Are you...alright?" A soft voice calls out to her. Bellbo snaps out of her dream-like state and looks behind her, seeing that the girl at the cottage had walked up to her in worry.

"...You don't have to worry about me," Bellbo dismisses, giving her a small smile. "I'm okay."

The girl didn't seem to believe that, seeing her tear-stained cheeks and swollen eyes. She observed her guest's clothing, seeing how a ruby brooch was holding her cloak together. Her shirt and pants were wrinkled, dirty and raggedy. The girl wasn't sure if she was rich or poor. Nonetheless, she replies with a wider smile. "Okay. If you need anything, I live in the cottage over there." She points to the cottage she came from.

Bellbo had looked over at the cottage and nodded at the girl. "Alright. Thank you." It have this sort of connection with a total stranger. But she was so warm and welcoming, she couldn't help return it back. It wasn't long until Bellbo realized--where was she going to stay now? The town was enraged and definitely wouldn't be an ideal place for her to stay, and she burnt down the brown-haired country...

"Actually, may I request if I can stay at your cottage? I-If it's not a problem with you! I'll leave the next morning."

"No no, it's fine. I don't get a lot of visitors anyways." She said with a solemn expression. "All my friends were killed during an attack on the village I lived in."

Bellbo glanced away guiltily. Bellany continued on.

"It would be nice to have some company though." She perks up again. "I need help around the cottage and I need to gather food from the market."

Bellbo sighed quietly. She wasn't used to doing chores because her servants used to do it for her, and it sounded like a drag but--she now realized that her brother had to do the same things this girl did too...maybe she'll do it for the sake of him. Understand what he did for her. "I'd be happy to help."

The girl's eyes lit up, like it was the first time she had a friend in ages. "Thank you! the way, how should I address you?"

Bellbo froze up, wondering if she would capture her if she knew her name. "B--Bell. My name is Bell."

The girl giggled. "What a coincedence! My name is Bellany! Our names are quite similar~." The more the girl talked to her, the more she felt like they were friends.

Bellbo couldn't help but smile back. "Yes, it does."


Months have passed and the two have grown quite close. Bellany had offered to give Bellbo--or rather Bell, some new garments, with a new pair of leather boots and a simple lavender dress. With the gifts that Bellbo recieved, she wanted to offer Bellany something but she refused, wanting to be the one to treat her guest. Bellbo and Bellany have shared their own stories together and they didn't realize it, but they related to each other so much. Both of them had lost someone close, their town had been attacked and destroyed, and now both girls are tying to get by on their own with almost nothing left.

One night, Bellany was about to go to sleep and headed to the bedroom, before she noticed Bellbo at the window. Peeking at the door that was ajar, she tried to see what she was doing. It looked like she was praying, as her knees were on the bed and her hands clasped together. She was whispering and repeating the same words: "I'm sorry." Over and over again. Bellany's curiousity pushed forward as she tried to think of why she was so remorseful before she caught onto more words

"I'll change, I'll be better, I want to be reborn--I want to see you again--"

And then the next line struck a nerve in Bellany.

"I should've been captured. I'm the queen, not you!" She sobbed quietly.




Not only was Bellany taken aback that Bell was a queen at a young age but the fact that she was THE queen. The queen that was spoiled. The queen that was a tyrant. The queen that destroyed a country for her own selfish needs. The queen that killed Bistre.

Queen Bellbo.

Bellany's rage and shock built inside her until she saw Bellbo moving. She moved out of the crack of the door and heard the rustling of sheets, as Bellbo was going to sleep. Or was about to anyways. "Bellany? It's time to rest."

"Coming!" Bellany chimes, walking into the room quietly. "Goodnight, Bell. Have a good sleep~." She says softly before walking into bed and pulled the covers over her to go to sleep. Or so she was.

Bellbo checked a few times if Bellany was completely asleep, and seeing that she was, she auietly got out of bed and puts her boots back on, making her way outside with her cloak on the chilly summer night. She was making her way to the beach but little did she know that she was being followed.

Bellany was now shadowing Bellbo, stepping in right behind her, holding a dagger that she kept in case of intruders. And this one was indeed an intruder, one that she should have figured out before when they met.

As Bellbo gazes into the shimmering sea by the full moon, Bellany slowly approaches the traitor, raising her dagger.



This is a small part continuing the Story of Evil AU, which is Regret Message. This happens after Daughter of Evil and Servant of Evil, where Bellbo is now lamenting for the death of her brother and meets Bellany now, living together in peace, only for Bellany to find out she was living with Queen Bellbo.

I'm actually surprised this took me a lot less time than the last chapter for Servant of Evil. Probably because there's no faces involved.

Bellany's hand belongs to me
Bellbo's back belongs to :iconkazunapikachu:

.:Pokepals of Melomiku:. Pokeloid Friends
I was going to post this but unfortunately at the time I had no good camera, and the sketch was very light. Now that I got a much better camera it can focus on this sketch! \(owo)/

Meet Melomiku's other friends that are also Pokeloids: Rinachu, Lenachu and Lukapunny! You can probably tell from their names what Pokemon they're suposed to be.

The idea of Melomiku, Rinachu, Lenachu, and Lukapunny belongs to me (Miku, Rin, Len and Luka belong to Vocaloid and Meloetta, Pikachu and Lopunny belong to Pokemon.)

I ha t e m ys e lf
"My powers are not a blessing I was born with. I consider them a curse if they give you the chance to make the worst of what you can do with them. I hate them. I hate that I have been given these powers. Overall, I hate myself for owning them."

This is a picture of Koteru who doesn't want to be a kitsune anymore. He used his powers to have someone he loved love him, but it backfired. Long story short, he transformed into a woman (which is an illusion, if you were to see his reflection while he's a woman, you'll see his actual self) in order to be with a prince he fell in love with but he let him love another woman after he realized--

how can you fall in love with someone if you can't even love yourself?

He had such low self-esteem and anxiety, hating himself for succumbing to things like that but also eventually trying to cover himself up that he was okay, that he is capable to be with someone and commit--but that dropped when he realized that he came to the point of using his powers to fall into something that showed his true self. Someone who was afraid. A coward. His powers didn't help him at all, they just destroyed his self-image, to the point he can't even love. He wished that he could just cut his ears and tails off, take out all the fire his powers have given him, and wish that he never learned how to become someone else to hide his insecurities. He hated himself.

There was a period where he wished he could be reborn. Not as a kitsune anymore and without anxiety or low self-esteem. Maybe then, he could finally be at peace.


Decided to do an angsty picture (because of a poll) and this was my result. Of course Koteru would be used for his, since he's the most troubled of the characters I have. I really like how it turned out! Gives the dark and dreary mood that I wanted to aim for.

Koteru belongs to me.

Tagged by my girl :iconjlpaca:~!


1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 random facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other creators.

4. Post their OCs name along with their creators name/avatar.


Refs of Nikiro can be found here:……

1. Nikiro Hatake is the son of an OC I don't show as much here, who is Tekina Seishin (and if you guys are part of a certain group chat on discord, this boy is Kimi's nephew.) Here's a ref of her!:… His father's name is Kaito Hatake, who taught him combat. totally not a Kakashi knock off

2. Nikiro is a psychic, but not as intense as Tobi. In fact, he has different psychic powers. He can use telekinesis, but he can also read minds, make shields and barriers and make blades out of psychokinetic waves, such as making a sword he can hold or spawn daggers and direct them at a target. He learnt this from his mother, who is also a psychic. He also cannot float with his telekinesis, ironically. He can, however, make psychokinetic wings to fly. With this, he is referred to an "angel", and once he picked that up he made himself a halo too. The wings and halo are also altered so that it doesn't make contact with objects like the blades, and instead it phases through any object.

3. He is basically a Japanese, psychic Channing Tatum because LOOK AT THAT BUILD
Okay, enough joking aside, Nikiro worked hard and still keeps working out to gain that kind of muscular build. He trained alongside his father as well as his uncle, Takimori (also in my gallery) in Scotland, (since his uncle resides there) for a good three months and continued onwards on his own. The reason for this is because of the fact he was bullied before--in a really messed up way.

4. The reason Nikiro was bullied was because he's gay. At the age of 7 he experienced bullying when he told a boy he thought he was cute. He did tell his parents and he wouldn't come to school sometimes due to being harassed often, and his parents would teach him themselves (his parents were teachers, mostly university professors). It got worse in his last grade in elementary and got even much much worse in his first year of highschool. He thought that people would be more respectful and more mature about their thoughts and actions but it didn't go well, as when he introduced himself as gay, the seniors immediately tortured the poor boy and for one month every once or twice a week he was raped by senior boys, and wouln't say a word as he was too traumatized to say anything. I would go into a liiiiittle more detail about how but uuuuh--let's just say he hates collars and leashes. The last time they were done with Nikiro they threw him by the trash and was soon discovered by his mother who found his exhausted body and once she heard what Nikiro had to say, she immediately called the cops and laid the law down on the boys that hurt her son.

5. Nikiro had a few phases in his life, especially his emo stage from 14-17 years old to he time he was recovering at 18-20 years old. My current picture of him shows that he has fully recovered from the trauma.

6. In a normal AU, Nikiro works as a policeman, as after he was in the court room he thought how cool police helped bring justice and he wanted to stop crimes like what happened to him from happening as well. In an AU with his powers, Nikiro has the alias of "Guardian Angel", protecting the land he resided in (which is a small island).

7. Nikiro's hair is silver with red tips, and his eyes are a deep, royal blue. He's very sweet, laid-back and kind as well as intelligent like his mother, but he can also be a charming man and could be quite the flirt like his grandfather on his father's side (yes, grandfather, the charm skipped a generation). In general, he is a sweet, fluffy giant (he's 6 ft) on the streets and a beast in the sheets HAHA--

8. Nikiro's voice is deep with a husky tone, which sounds smooth, suave and alluring but the reason he has that raspy voice was because he was strangled and choked with leashes and...other things that I don't want to describe. He's also a very good singer despite that, doing vocal warm-ups to help his voice sound smoother and drinks a lot of honey and throat tea.

And that's it about Nikiro! He's actually a character I like to use a lot but I mostly share his info with other friends. I hope to show more art about this guy!



Melomiku's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
Love flies. It searches for a resting stop. It might land a bit awkwardly, or it might land a bit too fast. But once it finds that perfect stop, it loses it's wings. And stays with that person.

Forever. ♥

~Me (Hannah)

Hi! Name's Hannah, or you can call me Mel. I love to draw, even at school. My personality? I'm quite kind and caring to everyone :love:. Unless you get mean, then I'll throw my short-temper at you. :stare:

By the way, I draw gifts for people when I feel really generous. Which is probably most of my gallery, but you can still see art that I draw for myself!

And hey, enjoy the life you got, and be happy!



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