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i'm doomed

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It was a night like any other.

If every other night hosted a house full of sugar-charged highschoolers, a full moon, and the anticipation of scares. That's right. The day was October 31, 2020.

Arguably one of the most fearful year of the 21st century, this day would prove once and for all the fate of a young girl. Boasting food, music, and glitter

A Halloween party was underway

Couples flirted, making loners bitter

Even friends didn't have much to say

Unimpressed by these stunts, on a hunch

Two girls wandered from the bunch

Briskly walking in the dark, roaming all alone

Till out from nowhere, a flashlight shone

Two souls scared out of their skin

Lewd suggestions raising to a din

Closing the door with my racing heart

Two friends decided never to part But more than this unpleasant event,

Was my first reaction to the dissent

What did I do as we ran from danger

But laugh derisively at the stranger Next time peril comes knocking

I hope I won't repeat my mocking

Otherwise... I'm doomed.

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